Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

August 7, 2008 -7:00 pm

Peninsula Township Town Hall




I.                    Social Time: 


II.                 Program:  Our speaker, Diane Abbott, author of Honor Unbound will explain the “behind the scenes” author’s view of writing her book.  Honor Unbound is an account of the life of Sara Edmonds, who took part in the Civil War under the name of Franklin Thompson.  Posing as a man, she enlisted in the Civil War and served as soldier, nurse and spy for the union army.  She was the first woman to receive a soldier’s pension for serving in the Civil War.  This should be a very interesting program. 


Remember that thanks to the efforts of our new Publicity Chair, Lee Hornberger, Diane Abbott, will be on the Ron Jolly Show at 9:05 a.m. on August 4th on 580AM radio. 


III.               Business Meeting:

A.     Meeting called to order.

B.     Announcements & Community News


IV.              Monthly Reports:

A.     June Minutes – Anita Klein

B.     June Treasurer’s Report- Warren Berthelsen

C.     Committee Reports


V.                 Old Business:


VI.              New Business:

A.     Christmas Party – Thursday, December 4th at the American Legion Hall.


VII.            Adjournment:


Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

June 5, 2008 – 7:00 pm

American Legion Post




       I.      Social Time and Annual Potluck Dinner:


    II.      Program:  Tim Carroll presented “Mapleton, Cultural Center of the Peninsula 1940 – 1950”.  Tim gave us a history of the 6 school districts on the Peninsula with an emphasis on Mapleton as the geographic center.  His stories and photographs were a delight to all.


 III.      Business Meeting:

A.    Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm.  Many thanks were given to Terilee Johnson for organizing the dinner. 


B.     May Minutes – Anita Klein

1.      Motion to approve – David Charlton

2.      Seconded – Terilee Johnson

C.     May Treasurer’s Report – Warren Berthelsen

1.       Motion to approve – Cal Jamieson

2.      Seconded – Shirley Donovan


VI.              Committee Reports:

a.       Dougherty Home Site – Bob Dean/Marty Klein:  Bob reminds everyone that the Dougherty House Annual Fund Raiser (Roundup) will be August 9th from 5:30 to 9:00 pm.  This year we will have a barbecue dinner catered by Sladak’s along with beer and wine.  There will also be dancing, entertainment, and live & silent auctions.  Tickets are $40.  Western attire is encouraged.  This should be a great time so get your tickets early! 


Marty reports that work will begin on the icehouse foundation starting Friday at 10:00 a.m. and again on Monday and Wednesday at 10 am.  Volunteers are needed to help so please stop over.  Reconstruction of the building should begin in 2 to 3 weeks.  Help will also be needed for that part of the project.  We are still in the planning stage for any repairs on the actual Dougherty House.  You can contact Marty at 231-223-4044.


b.      Log Cabin Days- Heatherlyn Reamer:  Log Cabin Day will be Sunday,

June 29th from 11:00 to 5:00.  This is our 10th anniversary!  We will have crafters, music, and the Harmonica Class will be back.  Things are going well but Heatherlyn could use some extra help!!  If you have some time please call her at 231-223-9256 or email to foxhill@pentel.net.  Sign up sheets for working in the Log Cabin and the Lighthouse are on the back table.


c.       Hessler Log Cabin – Paul Burns:  Paul reports that on May 3rd volunteers met at the cabin to clean and set up for the season.  There was also a dedication of the sugar maple tree to the Old Missions Women’s Club.  Monica Hoffman sent us a nice thank you note.  Cal Jamieson and Paul have also planted a second maple tree on the left side of the walkway and placed the dedication plaque to the OMWC in cement.  Mary Swift has agreed to help with a master plan for landscaping which will be presented at the August meeting.


d.      Lighthouse – Carol Lewis / Fred Stoye:  Carol reports that the Michigan Lighthouse Association will be touring our Lighthouse with about 100 people on June 11th.  Volunteers will be needed to open doors and answer questions.  Sign up sheets are on the back table.


Fred reports that the ribbon cutting for the official opening of the Lighthouse will be July 12th from 9 am to 12pm.  The Lighthouse will be open for tours starting Wednesday, June 11th. 


Laura Johnson reports that the Lighthouse Keepers program is well on its way and we need volunteers to help them out.  You do have to agree to a background check.  If you are interested please sign up at the back table. 


V.                Old Business:

A.    Nominations – Barb Berthelsen:  The nominations for new officers are;

President - Donna Hornberger

Vice President – Jerry Ostlund

Treasurer – Warren Berthelsen (returning)

Secretary – Anita Klein (returning)

Barb asked for additional nominees from the floor but none were offered.  The above nominees were elected unanimously.


Paul Burns introduced Donna Hornberger as the new President.  Many thanks were given to Paul Burns as President and Jackie Burns as Program Chairman for all their work.  They did a superb job!!!




VI.             Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.







Tom & Gladys Maguire          Ted & Lucile Bagley               Shirley Donovan

Jackie & Paul Burns                Anita & Marty Klein               Hedy Quick

Arlene & Bob Dean                Fred & Debbie Stoye              Jerry Ostlund

Barb & Warren Berthelsen      Carol & Steve Lewis               Bill & JoAnn Cole

Terilee Johnson                       Donna & Lee Hornberger       Paul & Amanda Burns

Cal Jamieson                           Tim Carroll                              Barbara Solomonson

Jody & Dave Charlton            Nancy & Dave Warne             Mary Jo Lance

Patti Rudolph                          Flo & Bob Schermerhorn        Roger & Martha Myers

Nancy Warne                          Jack & Vi Solomonson           Joe & Marilyn Wollam

Mary Merrell                           Michele Hicks                         Brad Lyman

Walt & Susan Felger               Nick & Mary Jean McMaster

Nancy & Gordon Hayward    Fran Kroupa                            Peggy Godwich

Jean Connor








Respectfully Submitted,

Anita Klein, Recording Secretary