Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

April 2, 2009 -7:00 pm

Peninsula Township Hall




I.                    Social Time:


II.                  Program:  Steve Kelsch will present a program on the early steamers that sailed the Grand Traverse Bays, stopping at Old Mission, Neahtawanta, Omena, Suttons Bay, Northport, and Traverse City. 


III.               Business Meeting:

A.     Meeting called to order.

B.     Announcements & Community News


IV.              Monthly Reports:

A.     March Minutes –  Anita Klein

B.     March Treasurer’s Report- Warren Berthelsen

C.     Committee Reports


V.                 Old Business: 

A.      Log Cabin Day

B.     Changes to bylaws


VI.              New Business: 

A.     Opening of Log Cabin


VII.            Adjournment:



Note:  To review the proposed changes to the bylaws you can click on a link at the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society web site.


Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

                                         March 5, 2009 - 7:00 pm

                                     Peninsula Community Library




I.           Social Time:  Refreshments were provided by Vi Solomonson. Thanks Vi!! Last month our cookies were made by Nancy Hayward.  Thanks Nancy!!


II.        Program:  Linda Alice Dewey, President of the Kassel Mission Historical Society presented a program on the Sept. 27, 1944, bombing mission over Kessel Germany. During this mission, the 445th Bomb Group had the highest group loss rate in a single day’s battle in history, 35 B-24 Liberator bombers battled 150 Luftwaffe fighters, and 118 American and 18 German aircrew died.  This was a wonderful and moving program.  


III.       Business Meeting:

A.    Meeting called to order at 8:10 pm.  We want to thank Linda for coming out and giving us a marvelous program.  We also want to thank Vickie and the library for co-sponsoring the program and making 1/2 of the cookies.  


B.  Announcements -

1.      Samantha Tengelitsch is collecting information and stories about Old Mission for a history book.  She reports that she now has a form that you can fill out which will help her in the collection of information.  If anyone has a person, place, or event on Old Mission that you would like her to research and perhaps include in her book, please take a form (located on back table).  You can also call Samantha at 231-499-8188 or email to Samantha@parcelpost.org.

2.      Samantha also reports that she has located a newspaper article from 1909, which describes a ceremony that took place at the Old Mission High School.

During the ceremony a time capsule was buried under a tree at the school.  May 6th, 2009 will be the 100 anniversary and Samantha would like to have another ceremony and perhaps dig up the time capsule.  Permission would be required from the current owners of the property.  If anyone is interested in helping her with this project please see her after the meeting. 

3.      Ken Weaver reports that the Historical Society of Michigan held a regional

competition a Tcaps today and he participated as a judge.  Fifteen students will now be sent to Grand Valley State University to compete in a state competition.  The winners go on to College Park in Maryland for a National competition.  Seventy judges are needed to rank/judge the exhibits.  Ken reports that it’s a fun, interesting, and educational job.  If anyone is interested in participating you can call Ken at 231-947-0947 or email to weavmusic@aol.com.

4.      Judy Weaver reports that the Icehouse at the Dougherty Home Site will be open for tours on Log Cabin Day.  We have to be sure to include this in our advertisements for Log Cabin Day.  Donna Hornberger said she would make sure it was included in the Township Newsletter.


C.  February Minutes – Anita Klein

                 Corrections – Jackie Burns requests that under B. Hessler Log Cabin the

                 sentence “The clock will be replaced in the spring” be changed to “The clock

                 will be returned in the spring”.  Donna would also like a change to the Log Cabin Day                   information (see Log Cabin Day Committee below). 

                         1.  Motion was made to approve minutes as changed.

 2.  Seconded -

D.  January/February Treasurer’s Reports - Warren Berthelsen asked Bob Dean to explain                   the tree expenses (see Tree Committee below).

1.      Motion to approve –

2.      Seconded -


IV.       Committee Reports:

A.  Tree Committee - Bob Dean reports that the Traverse City State Bank gave a generous

      donation of $1,000.  Part of this was used to pay for the trees ($500) some of which

      were planted last fall and 18 more to be planted next spring along Center Road.  An

      additional 25 trees will be planted next fall. The remainder of the donation was used

      to help pay for the mapping of the trees (the location, species, and where the  

      memorial trees are located).  The GT Conservation District has been imputing the

      mapping information (GPS coordinates) into the computer.  Cal Jamieson reports that

      the maps are very helpful when they have to locate trees that need to be watered,

      mulched, or replaced.  Cal also reports that any tree that has already been planted can

      become a memorial tree (if not already taken).  The cost is $50. Contact Jim Hall or

      Bob Rosi.  We currently have over 550 trees planted with 50 of them as memorial



B.      Log Cabin Day - Donna Hornberber reports that we do not have a volunteer to

Contact the crafters as reported.  No one has come forward to do that job.  At this

point we will have to scale back from what has been done in previous years.  Carol

Lewis and Arlene Deen will organize the volunteers for the cabin and lighthouse tours.

Cal Jamieson suggested that the Peninsula Market might be interested in setting up

and providing food.  Donna said she would contact the market and also the Tongue

family about possible entertainment.


C.      Hessler Log Cabin – Paul Burns reports that maintenance will be held to a minimum this year.  Opening of the cabin will be the first weekend in May.  A volunteer sign up sheet will be pass around at the April meeting.  Since we don’t have to move things down from the attic (thanks to the shutters made by Carl Johnson) it shouldn’t take long.  Paul had the rugs from the cabin cleaned (done by the Charltons) last fall.  A serviceberry tree will be purchased with the funds donated by the Old Mission Women’s Club.  The tree will be planted to the left of the cabin in the grassy area.  Paul will be doing some landscape clean up around the three trees that are growing together sometime during the summer.  Cal and Paul will be checking the roof when the snow is gone to see if any preventative maintenance is required.  Our beautiful new shutters will be stored in the attic for the summer.


D.     Newsletter/Website – no report.


E.  Nominating Committee – no report.  Donna reminds everyone that we need a

     nomination for president and secretary.


V.  New Business:

A.    Bylaws – Copies of the by-laws with recommended changes in red were passed

out.  Donna reports that the by-laws the committee was working from were from November 4, 2004 but that a revision was made in May of 2005.  This change was recorded in the May, 2005 minutes.  However a copy of the by-laws that included the revision could not be found and it doesn’t matter because we want to change it anyway.  What we would like to do is have 4 officers, each serving for two years with staggered terms. The president and secretary will be elected for two-year terms in odd numbered years, and the vice-president and treasurer will be elected for two-year terms in even numbered years. If we have an officer who would like to serve for more than one term, they can do that.  Should a vacancy occur, the president with the concurrence of the Board of Directors shall appoint a person to complete the unexpired term.  Currently, the president could only serve for one year and than the vice-president would move into that spot.  A one-year term for president does not work very well when all other officers are serving for two years.  Other changes we would like to make include the following:

1.      Article V – Duties of Officers A- Adding “the president shall be an ex officio

      member of all committees”.

2.      Article V – Duties of Officers B- Adding, “ the vice-president shall also oversee all committee chairmen”.

3.      Article VI – Committees – Omit the Dougherty House committee.  We no longer act as the overseeing body for the Dougherty House so a committee is not needed.

    We hope we can vote on the changes at the April meeting.  Some discussion followed. 

     A suggestion was made that board members should be allowed to meet and make

     decisions by phone and/or email.  The membership agreed and Donna said she would

     add it to the changes.  A copy of the by-laws with the changes will be on the website. 



B.     Barn Quilt Trails - Evelyn Johnson spoke again about her new project that would hang

      quilt patterns on the sides of our local barns.  She already has three barn owners who

      are interested and she would like to find at least five more.  Evelyn reports that the

      wineries and restaurants are very excited about it.  She has also contacted Leelanau

      County and they are all for it.  The quilt patterns are painted on 8’ x 8’ plywood.  The

      property owners chose the patterns and decide how long they want them up.

      All the painting and installation is done by volunteers.  Maps for the Quilt Tour would

      be available at visitor centers, restaurants, markets, etc.  It’s a quilt trail but it’s also a

      history trail.  In addition, the quilts don’t have to be just on barns.  They could also be

      on other buildings as well.  For more information you can go to “Barn Quilt Trails” on

      the internet.  If you are interested in this project please contact Evelyn at 231-223-9239       or email to eladybugtc@cs.com.


C.     Lighthouse – Fred Stoye reports that next Tuesday there will be a public hearing on the

ordinance to allow a gift shop at the lighthouse.  Fred hopes that people will attend or send email or letter (pro/con).  In addition, they are looking for an old rain slicker or old winter coat to hang in the lighthouse keeper’s office.  It anyone has a coat to donate or loan (it would be out of harms way) please contact Fred or the Township office.


VI.  Adjournment:






Donna & Lee Hornberger                                                       Jackie & Paul Burns   

                                                                                                Evelyn & Carl Johnson

Gladys Maguire                                                                      Steve Lewis   

                                                                                                Cal Jamieson  

Carol Lewis                                                                             Bob & Arlene Deen

                                                                                                Warren & Barb Berthelsen

Samantha Tengelitsch                                                             Judy Hall

                                                                                                Fred Stoye

Kennard & Judy Weaver                                                        Jim Brammer  

                                                                                                Jim Hall

Bob & Penny Rosi                                                                  Hedy Quick

                                                                                                Nancy Warne

Shirley Donovan                                                                     Mary Johnson 

                                                                                                Laura Johnson

Bob & Flo Schermerhorn