MINUTES- Thursday, April, 2010

7:00 PM Peninsula Township Town Hall.



 Social Time :Cookies by Verla Jamieson

I.        Program:   (Program Chair, Donna Hornberger.) Laura Johnson and Stef Staley presented a program about the history of Mission Point Lighthouse and its keepers. They have done a great deal of research turning up new information on the keepers and their lives, including some keepers about which little was known. A book is on its way, due out May 1.

II.      Business meeting:

A.                  Meeting called to order

B.                  Announcements:

1.   Detroit historic tour later on this month. If interested in participating, contact Nancy Warne for information

III.    Monthly reports:

A.                  Approval of March minutes as amended

B.            Treasurer’s report presented and read into the record

C.            Committee Reports:

1.   Archives: Ann Swaney reported that a box of past records from Jackie Burns was accepted for inclusion in the archives

2.   Log Cabin Days:( Carol Lewis) Log Cain Day is Sunday, June 27th.

3.   Signup sheet will be circulated at the May meeting. Heather is contacting venders and crafters. Anne Swaney agreed to coordinate lighthouse volunteers. She needs folks to work one of two shifts, three people per shift. Total time is 11 am – 3 pm. Carol Lewis is coordinating volunteers at the Log Cabin.

4.   Hessler Log Cabin opening, Saturday May 1st. Warren Berthelsen volunteered to coordinate the opening . Please contact him if you would like to take part.

5.   Memberships are renewed at the June 3rd potluck dinner.

6.   Nominations: (Barb Berthelsen). Nominees are still needed for Secretary, Vice President, and Treasurer. Warren has agreed to continue as treasurer unless someone else would like to do it. The slate will be presented at the May meeting and voted on at the June Potluck.

7.   Newsletter: (Steve Lewis) Expect your newsletter shortly.

8.   Tree Committee (Bob Dean) Mapping of trees is completed. Eight new trees were planted  plus 37 on Nancy Heller’s property north of the Catholic Church

B.               Report from Dougherty Society Clean up mid- May.

C.               Light house report (Laura Johnson). Light house will open May 1. Keepers have signed up for the entire season.

IV.   Old Business.

A.                  A secretary is still needed to take minutes at the meetings

B.                  Projector  and digital voice recorder purchase recommendation: (Barb Berthelsen). Epson LCD projector recommended. Cost including extra bulb, 25 foot extension cord, and outlet strip is $1083.98. Extended warrantee is another $189

C.                  Voice recorder:  Cost for Olympus recorder is $99.

 Discussion  Steve Lewis moved to purchase the projector w/o an extended warrantee, and purchase the voice recorder.  Training in using projector would be required for all users.  We need to establish guidelines for projector use. Sue Feiger seconded the motion. Motion passed.

D.                 Sue Feiger reported on the booklet A Short History of the Grand Traverse Region for Later Elementary Students “Bay Land and People prepared by a class in writing Michigan local history, Central Michigan College, 1949. It was noted by attendees that references given for the events in the booklet were often missing.

V.     No new business

VI.              Meeting was adjourned.

In Attendance:




Warren and Barb Berthelsen

Bob and Arlene Dean

Steve and Carol Lewis

Ann Swaney

Tom and Gladys Maguire

Donna Hornberger

Verla Jamieson

Fred Stoye

Walt and Susan Feiger

Mary Klein

Jim Hall

Hedy Quick

Joann Cole

Ted Bagley

Tim Carroll

Nancy Warne


Bruce Wiegand

Cecile Wiegand

W.G. Moring

Suzette Cooley-Sanborn

Jeanne Landis

Dave Landis

Barbara  and Boots Wolff