May 4, 2006, 7 PM



I.  Social Time
II. Program:   Tim Cutler, local cooper, will speak on “Barrel Making.”
III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements
 Minutes and Agenda now available on our web site
IV. Reports
A. Minutes, Nancy Hayward
B. Treasurer, Bill Cole
C.  Log Cabin, Laura Johnson, Carol Lewis
D.  Dougherty House Project,  Bill Cole
E.  Membership Committee, Flo Schermerhorn
F.  Program Committee, Laura Johnson
G. Archive Committee, Bob Schermerhorn
V. Old Business
VI. New Business
 Fundraising at Log Cabin Day 
VII. Adjournment

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Minutes of the meeting April; 6, 2006

The Old Mssion Peninsula Historical Society met at 7 p.m. at the Peninsula Township Hall. JoAnn Cole, Arlene Dean, Shirley Donovan and Laura Johnson provided ‘Grandmother’s Cookies”, and Nancy Hayward provided Conifer Tree Tea. Coffee was also provided.
At 7:30 Vice President Bob Rosi  invited the women to give some information about their refreshment. Each woman gave the origin of their cookie.  Hayward explained that conifer tea is Native American.  The group gave the Archive Committee a notebook with their recipes.
THE PROGRAM: 7:35: Kathleen Osterhaus, Curator, Benzie County Historical museum, gave a presentation on “Why Inventory?”  Ms.Osterhaus  explained that you inventory so that you know ‘what you have and know what you want.’  She gave excellent information and the names of several books and told us about a conference that is essential for our Archives Committee.  
 CALL TO ORDER: Vice President Bob Rosi called the meeting to order at 8:18 p.m.
A.  Vice President Rosi gave the following announcements:
     1.  The Township Board of Trustees passed the Resolution to accept the Dougherty Homestead .
     2.. The Newsletter Vol. 3 No. 1 March 2006 has been mailed to all members, and was available at the meeting.
     3, The Legion Hall has been reserved for the Annual Dinner, June 1st.   
B..  JoAnn Cole, Chair of the Nominating Committee, announced that there are three officers that need to be selected at the June meeting:
 Vice - President, Treasurer, and Secretary.   The Vice President is for a one year term, followed by a one year term as President;
The Treasurer is for a two year term,
Secretary is for a one year to fill  the vacated secretary position (Vacated by Peggy Carter and presently being filled by Nancy Hayward).
 Ms. Cole ask if people would call her if they desired to fill these positions or with suggest of who  would be good in these positions.  She will contact those who are suggested.  Phone is (231) 223- 8778.
C.  Jackie Burns announced that Dan Truckey, Director of the Grand Traverse   Heritage Center is speaking on the SE Wait Exhibit  April 13. at 6:45 p.m. The exhibit is  on Mr. Waits pictures of Traverse City and Old Mission Peninsula. 
D: Bill Cole reported that Flo and Bob Schermerhorn donated the table to display the  Dougherty Historic Home Site, at the Grand Traverse Historical Society’s Night of Nostalgia   Jackie Burns attended with the Schermerhorn.   The Night of Nostalgia was a musical and very well done. 
THE SECRETARY REPORT: Nancy Hayward had sent the minutes of the March 2, 2006 meeting via e-mail and post to members.  They were available at the meeting.  There was a correction: Evelyn and Carl Johnson were present at the March meeting.  The minutes were accepted as corrected.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Bill Cole presented the Treasurer’s Report. The society has $2873.44.  There were Credits of $215.00 and Debits of $485.94. There was $28.00 in the Collection Box at the Log Cabin. As of 4/6/06 there is $1531.73 in the Log Cabin Account. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.
THE LOG CABIN: Jackie Burns reported in the absence of Patti Rudolph.  Patti needs help to open and close the Log Cabin April 28 and 29th.  Jackie circulated a sheet to sign up and close the Log Cabin.  She need 2 persons a weekend.   Ms. Rudolph will be back May 4th.
LOG CABIN DAY: Laura Johnson reported: Log Cabin Day is Sunday Jun 25th Abraham’s Carriage Co is available for Log Cabin Day.  This is the same company that gave rides in Old Mission at Log Cabin Day a couple years age.  Time set for the rides is 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Cost to have the carriage for three hours is $350.  Much of the cost have been pledged. Discussion followed concerning the carriage route and site. The Park Board had approved the carriage rides, with the location to be determined by the Historical Society.
 DOUGHERTY HOUSE PROJECT: Bill Cole Reported that the committee is in the process of obtaining the 2005 -06 pledges.   Almost all of the pledged money is in.
The Committee activities is centered around the organization process of the content of the house and catagorize it.  They are also looking at renovation.
MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Flo Schermerhorn stated that she was getting the list of donors to the Dougherty House that are not now members of OMPHS from Bill Cole and will send them a letter inviting them to be complementary members for the next year and invite them to the Annual Dinner, June 1st
PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Reported by Laura Johnson:
May - Tim Cutler a cooper, will be giving a presentation on his trade.
June 1  - Elk Rapids, Historical Society’s VP Greg Reisiz and Glenn Neumann,  President will be providing a power point presentation about the Old Mission Peninsula and the Elk rapids Connection.
June 25th Log Cabin Day
July - none
August - Bob & Penny Rosi and Penny Pauley will be presenting on “Illini Orchards Program.”
Vice President Rosi reminded everyone that OMPHS is looking for a Program Chair for next year as Carol Lewis is resigning as chairperson.
ARCHIVE COMMITTEE: Bob Schermerhorn stated how much he appreciated the program and plans for the committee to follow Ms. Osterhaus’ recommendations.  He hopes that he and his committee will get to some of the seminars    The committee is in the process of educating themselves and is having a meeting with Ms. Quackenbush.
Bob stated a correction to the Committee structure. Carol Prucha  wants to be on the Archives committee not the Historian as stated in the March 2006 Echoes.
Discussion followed concerning the Annual Dinner.  It is chaired by Terilee Johnson and Ann Dressel.  There will be a pot luck .  Wine was suggested. All suggestions should be made to the committee.
The OMPHS has been approved  to raise money at Log Cabin Day Historical Society. All ideas on raising money should be made to Fund Raising Committee - Dave Charlton, Chair.
ADJOURNMENT: Moved by Verla Jamieson and seconded by JoAnn Cole that the meeting be adjourned.  The motioned carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Lucile Bagley    Paul & Jackie Burns Bill & JoAnn Cole
Carol & Dick Cutler   Bob and Arlene Dean Shirley Donovan
Nancy & Gordon Hayward  Cal & Verla Jamieson Evelyn & Carl Johnson
Laura Johnson   Mary Louise Johnson  Marty & Anita Klein
Julianne Meyer    Carol Prucha   Hedy Quick
Bob and Penny Rosi   Barbara Rowlett   Bob Rud
Flo & Bob Schermerhorn         
GUESTS :     Kathleen Osterhaus  Jane Sweet