I.  The Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society met at 7:00 p.m. at the Peninsula Township Building.  Refreshments were served by Arlene and Bob Dean.  Rob Manigold reported the progress of the Dougherty Home Restoration Project.  He announced the closing of the sale and that now the Peninsula Township owns the home and the Peter Dougherty Society is now responsible for raising money to restore the home and property.  $50,000 was borrowed to close the deal and pay for contents of the home and this will be paid off by pledges of 2006 and 2007.  Additionally, a grant of $20,000 from the Oleson Foundation has been granted to begin archaeological study.  There are plans to make proposals for other grants.


II.  PROGRAM:  The Illini Cottagers presented an informative and entertaining program about the history of their association.  The presenters for the evening were Jane Highsaw, and Penny and Bob Rosi.


III.  BUSINESS MEETING CALL TO ORDER AND ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The business meeting of the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society was called to order at the Peninsula Township Hall by President Bob Rosi at 8:20 p.m.  A moment of silence for Elizabeth Potter was observed.  She was a lifetime summer resident of Old Mission at Leffinwell and passed away July 20, 2006.


The announcements stand as follows;


·                    The name tags with the new logo from Joan Bonney will be voted on later;

·                    Dave Charlton has t-shirts available for purchase;

·                    The Board recommends the paths that have been designated and staked out at the Hessler Log Cabin.  Please go and observe these paths; we will discuss them at our next meeting.  After the paths have been approved, volunteers will be needed to help with the landscaping at the Hessler Log Cabin;

·                    Committee chairs are to turn in their purchase requests to the treasurer by the middle of September;

·                    Patti Rudolph distributed a sign-up sheet for volunteers to assist with the upkeep of grounds and pathways at the Hessler Log Cabin, to open and close the Hessler Log Cabin, and to wash windows and sweep the back entrance at the cabin.




            A.  SECRETARY’S REPORT: The  minutes of the June meeting, recorded and written by Nancy Hayward, were distributed by Secretary JoAnn Cole, and were approved as written.


            B.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen, gave the Treasurer’s Report for June.  The report was accepted by the membership.


            C.  DOUGHERTY HISTORIC HOME SITE:  Bob Dean reported that the project is in Phase II.  Grant money has been received from the Olson foundation for the archeological study which is scheduled for Phase II.  The storage of the contents of the Dougherty House is also part of Phase II and money is being sought for this endeavor.


            D.  LOG CABIN DAY COMMITTEE REPORT:  Carol Lewis, chairman, has turned the chairmanship over to Heatherlyn Reamer.  Heatherlyn reported that Log Cabin Day this year, featuring a tour of the lighthouse, craft people, and carriage rides, could not have been better.  Next year the committee will focus on kids, food and carriage rides.  Thanks go to approximately 70 people from the historical society and crafters for a successful event.


            E.  PROGRAM COMMITTEE REPORT:  On September 7, 2006 our program will be presented by Stephanie Staley, Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum.  She will speak on the connection between the Old Mission Lighthouse and the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum.


            F.  PUBLICITY/FUND RAISING COMMITTEE:  Dave Charlton stated the fundraising at Log Cabin Days was fairly successful with the selling of hot dogs, aprons, t-shirts and hat visors.




            A.  There is a continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees, i.e., volunteers to assist with the landscaping of the Hessler Log Cabin grounds.


            B.  Volunteers are needed to participate and to chair the nominating committee.


            C.  The Membership Committee is asking for input of new and creative ways to increase membership.  An update will be given next month of all input of ideas to increase our membership that has been received.


            D.  Please look at the name tags that have the new logo on them.  We will have further discussion at our next meeting and vote on adoption of these name tags.


There will be no report from the Archival Committee until the warehousing of the contents is completed.




            A.  A Letter of Understanding was received from the Peter Dougherty Society on May 24, 2006,  prior to our annual meeting, asking for support from the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society.  The Peter Dougherty Society is the operating structure for the entire Dougherty Historic Home Site project.  Mary Johnson made a motion to send a letter to the Peter Dougherty Society expressing our support and volunteers for the activities necessary for restoring, operating and maintaining the Dougherty Historic Home Site. Warren Berthelsen seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanamously.


            B.  Because of the reduction in attendance at our meetings during the winter months the Board is suggesting the following Amendment to the Bylaws, Article VII - Membership Meetings be changed.  The following is the current wording of Article VII and the recommended change.


Current wording:

"Twenty-five percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.  A majority of those present will be necessary to pass an issue being voted upon."


Recommended amendment:

"Fifteen percent of the paid membership shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.  A majority of those present will be necessary to pass an issue being voted upon."


            C.  Nancy Hayward is advising that we should move quickly as to walkways, plantings, fencing and/or other improvements at the Hessler Log Cabin.  Money to achieve these projects is available until April 1, 2007.  At that date the monies will go back to the general fund.  Jim Guilmet, Park Supervisor, wants to be involved with the plantings.


            D.  There will be a Middle Eastern Dinner on September 9, 2006, under a tent in Jerry Ostlund's backyard.  (This is next door to the Peter Dougherty Historic Home Site.)  The dinner is a fundraiser for the Peter Dougherty Historic Home Site and has been totally underwritten by the committee.  The committee does need help with parking, serving and clean-up.  Tickets are $30.00 which includes a tour of the Peter Dougherty House, Middle Eastern Dinner and entertainment.  It will be advertised on TV, radio, newspaper along with posters that have been placed at Elk Rapids, Omena, along with various locations in Traverse City and Old Mission.


Patti Rudolph informed us of  Port Oneida Days on August 5 and 6, 2006.  There will be historic crafters at the event.


A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting.


Flo Schermerhorn         Patti Rudolph                                        Gretchen Soutear

Jane Highsaw               Jerry L. Ostlund                                    Shirley Donovan

JoAnn Cole                  Penny and Bob Rosi                             Julian and Pat Capps

Glen Dodd                   Cynthia Shambuagh                              Stephanie Reeves

Elizabeth Kent              Roberta and George Shambaugh           Anita & Marty Klein

Doris Wetters               Jack and Vi Solomonson                      Mary Jo Lance

Hedy Quick                  Verla and Calvin Jamieson                    Carol and Angelica South

Fred Stoye                   Robert and Barbara Below                   Judy Giena

Cozette Varg                Terilee Johnson                         Heatherlyn Johnson Reamer

Chris Kramer               Jackie and Paul Burns                           Lucille and Ted Bagley

Arlene & Bob Dean      Warren and Barb Berthelsen                 Susan Feiger


Respectfully Submitted,


Jackie Burns, Recording Secretary


Agenda, September 7, 2006, 7 PM




I. Social Time:


II. Program,  Stefanie L. Staley, Executive Director, Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum


III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements

·        Sales of Hessler Log Cabin items while supply lasts, member discounts available

·        This Saturday September 9th at Jerry Oslund’s, for Middle Eastern Dinner.  Tickets available. .

·        “How to Market your Lighthouse and Raise Money to Care for It.” October 6 & 7, 2006, Maritime Heritage Center, Alpena, MI, Contact Penny Rosi or Laura Johnson for information.

·        Anita Klein is the chair of the Log Cabin Grounds Committee-  thank you Anita.

·        Reminder:  Dues was due in June.  If you have not paid, send or give payment to Warren.  If mailing:  OMPHS, PO Box 115, Old Mission, MI  49673.  For single membership, $10; for family, $15; for business, $25.


IV. Reports

A.  Minutes, JoAnn Cole

B.  Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen

C.  Dougherty Historic Home Site, Paul Burns / Bill Cole or Bob Dean

These following will depend on whether chairs request time.

E.  Log Cabin Grounds, Anita Klein

F.  Newsletter/Web Site, Steve :Lewis

G.  Program Committee, Penny Rosi   


V. Old Business

A. Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees,

            B. Nominating Committee needs members and a Chair.

            C. Proposed amendment to Bylaws.

            D. Proposed logo for OMPHS.

            E. Path Designation, Log Cabin Grounds.


VI. New Business

            A.  Tree Planting Saturday, October 7th, Cal Jamieson

            B.  Budget for 2006 -2007

            C.  Other businsess


VII. Adjournment





Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society




            Article VII.- Membership Meetings


            Current wording:

            “Twenty-five percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.  A majority vote of those present will be necessary to pass an issue being voted upon.”


            Recommended amendment:

            “Fifteen percent of the paid membership shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.  A majority of those present will be necessary to pass an issue being voted upon.”