Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society
December 6, 2007 –  Doors open at 5:30 pm
The Legion Hall


I.    Potluck Dinner – 5:30 pm

II.    Program:  Sheryl Hayward, Executive Director, of the City Opera House will present a program on the current happenings and history of the City Opera House.

III.    Brief Business Meeting:
A.  November Minutes – Anita Klein
1.    Motion to approve
2.    Seconded
B.    Treasures Report – Warren Berthelsen
1.    Motion to approve
2.    Seconded

IV.    Christmas Program:
A.    Christmas sing along, led by Al Bonney with Joan Bonney on the piano.

V.    Meeting adjourned.
Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society
November 1, 2007 – 7:00 pm
Peninsula, Township Town Hall

November 07 Minutes

I.    Social Time

II.    Program:  Staf Staley, Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse, presented “Days Gone By”.  This was a educational program about the Grand Traverse Lighthouse and it’s keepers.

III.    Business Meeting:
A.    Meeting called to order at 7:55 p.m.
B.    Announcements:
1.    Peggy Carter a former Secretary of OMPHS is not well and it would be nice if we could send get-well cards to her.  She moved to Illinois but she is back here now.  Her daughter is Angie Stuart and she lives on Peninsula Drive. 
2.    Cal Jamieson requested that a thank you card be sent to the Peninsula Fruit Exchange for the mouse guards that they provided for the trees along Center Rd. 

IV.    Monthly Reports:
A.    October Minutes – Anita Klein.  The minutes of the October meeting were approved as written and accepted (motion - Jerry Ostlund, second – Hedy Quick).
B.    Treasurer’s Report – Warren Berthelsen.  Warren distributed the October report and reviewed the contents.  He also reported that 71 names have been dropped from the membership list for not renewing.  Report was approved and accepted as written (motion - Shirley Donovan, second – Cal Jamieson).   Bob Schermerhorn asked that Greg Schermerhorn be added to the list of people who contributed to the tree fund for two trees.

V.    Committee Reports:
A.    Tree Committee, Bob Dean (Rebecca Nothstine – absent).  The tree that was lost during the school remodel has been replaced.  It is a Gettysburg Sycamore and the dedication plague (to Deni Hooper) will be placed next spring.  The tree planting for this year was finished up with the placement of 6 trees at the Congregational Church at the base of the Peninsula and 17 trees on the east side of Center Road just north of the Catholic Church.  Personal thank you notes will be sent to those who donated to the tree fund.
B.    Dougherty Home Site, Bob Dean / Marty Klein.  Marty Klein brought in pictures of the Ice House that was donated to the Dougherty House Site.  He also had pictures of several other Ice Houses that are in the area.  The donated Ice House has been dismantled and moved to the Dougherty House Site.  A thank you card should be sent to Jack Monson for the donation of the large logs used to store the Ice House on.  Several people participated in two workdays at the Dougherty House to install plastic on windows/porches and to clean up the area around the Ice House foundation.  Thanks to all!  Bob Dean reports the archaeological dig has been completed but their report has not been received.  An application for the National Historic Registry has been started but is not complete at this time.  Nancy Finegood is the executive director of the Michigan Historic Preservation Network (MHPN) who has jurisdiction over this property.  The MHPN has to approve any changes/improvements to the house or site.
C.    Scenic Highway, Penny Rosi.  Penny reports that the preservation of M37, Center Road is just getting started but it has been designated as a “Scenic Highway”.  There will be a dedication in May during the cherry blossom time.
D.    Oral History, Penny Rosi.  Penny reports that Dave Charlton and Ann Marie Grenadier will be co-chair the Oral History Committee.  They will start this winter by interviewing some OMPHS members.
E.    Log Cabin, Patti Rudolph.  The cabin is now closed for the winter.  Many thanks to all that came to the two work days.  Carl Johnson has made and installed the shutters.  They look Great!!!!  Many thanks!  Patti also reports that she will not be chairing the Log Cabin Committee next year.  So we will be looking for a new Chairman.  Many thanks to Patti for all of her good work.

VI.    Old Business:
A.    Christmas Potluck Dinner:  Christmas potluck dinner will be at the Legion Hall on December 6th.  Doors will open at 5:30 pm with dinner at 6:00 pm.  Sheryl Hayward, Executive Director of the City Opera House will present a program on the current happenings and history of the City Opera House at 7:00 pm.  A very short business meeting will be held at 7:30 followed by a Christmas sing along lead by Al Bonney with Joan Bonney at the piano.  Please bring a dish to pass.  Place settings, drinks, sliced turkey and sliced ham, will be provided.  Be sure to come and help us celebrate the season!
B.    Duties and Responsibilities for the “Hessler Log Cabin”:  Paul Burns reports that they have been typed up and will be sent to Fred Stoye for review.  Everything should be completed by January.

VII.    New Business:
A.    Pictorial History of Old Mission Peninsula:  Carol Lewis reports that she was contacted by Arcadia Press Publishing to do a pictorial history book about the area.  The book will be mostly pictures in black and white with short captions under each.  Carol is looking for 250 to 400 pictures that she can scan into her computer and return to the owners on the following subjects;
1.    Dougherty/Rushmore house.
2.    Farming, lumbering, cider mills, up to the early 1950’s.
3.    Early residents and pioneers.
4.    Shipping trade.
5.    Inns and resorts.
6.    Stores, churches, and dance halls.
7.    Unusual marvels (The Golden Tower, the Friedrich Tower, Kissing Tree, Snow that was neck deep).
8.    Schools, teachers and how people married.
9.    Lighthouse and keepers.

The books will sell for $15 each but the Historical Society can purchase them for $9 each and sell them to raise money.   Carol would like to use the money from the “Walter Johnson Memorial Fund” to start the project.  The book should come out in July 2008.  Carol needs to have all the pictures and text to the Publishing Company by February.  A motion was made by Bob Schermerhorn to use the “Walter Johnson Memorial Fund” to purchase the books.  Ann Swaney seconded the motion and it was approved.

VIII.    Adjournment 8:58 pm.


Anita & Marty Klein        Lee & Donna Hornberger        Carol Lewis
Mary Johnson            Jacki & Paul Burns            Jerry Ostlund
Shirley Donovan        Hedy Quick                Evelyn Johnson
Arlene & Bob Dean        Flo & Bob Schermerhorn        Ann Swaney
Penny & Bob Rosi        Laura Johnson                Cal Jamieson

Thanks to Shirley Donovan for the great cookies!!!!