<>FEBRUARY 2nd, 2006, 7 PM




I.  Social Time


II. Program: Herbalist and author Joyce Wardwell, presents English & Native American Herbal Gardens in the Mid Nineteenth Century


III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements

            Recent Board Actions:

                        A. Authorized joining Michigan Historical Society

                        B. Authorized transferring money from Log Cabin Restoration Account to Log Cabin Escrow Account

                        C. Authorized paying $132 for security sytem at the Dougherty


                        D. Decided to write new text for donation boxes

                        E. Referred a proposal to offer one year free membership to donors to the Dougherty House to the Membership Committee           

IV. Reports

A. Minutes, Nancy Hayward

B. Treasurer, Bill Cole

C.  Log Cabin, Laura Johnson, Carol Lewis

D.  Dougherty House Project, Bill Cole

E.  Membership Committee, Flo Schermerhorn

F.  Program Committee, Laura Johnson

G. Archive Committee, Bob Schermerhorn


V. Old Business

Committee Reorganization


VI. New Business     

A. Garden for Hessler Log Cabin

B. Formation of History of Old Mission Peninsula Committee


VII. Adjournment




of the meeting January 5, 2006



The Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society met at 7 p.m. at the Peninsula Township Hall. Bill and JoAnn Cole provided the refreshments.  It was noted that there was such a good crowd, that we ran out of coffee.


THE PROGRAM: Angie Jensen, gave a presentation on “the Old Mission Inn (Once the Porter House)” She was assisted by her husband Bruce and her son Tyler.  Carol Lewis introduced Angie to the Society.


CALL TO ORDER: Steve Lewis called the meeting to order at 8:20
He introduced Rob Manigold, and Rob gave a report on the execution of the option to purchase the Dougherty House. Rob said that the Grand Traverse Conservancy had entered into an option to purchase the Dougherty House  for $575,000.  Today, we have $630,000.  Rob thanked the Historical Society for all of the work they have done, with a special thanks to Bill Cole, Bob Dean, and Nicki Sobkowski for all their work on fund-raising.
 Rob went on to say, that we are now entering into Phase II fund raising which will include the archeological study, the house contents, and a structural study.  The Steering Committee is working on grants. There is much work to be done and the Steering Committee is looking forward to working with the Society.


THE SECRETARY REPORT: Nancy Hayward had sent the minutes of the December 1, 2005 meeting via e-mail and post to members.  They were also available at the meeting. 

 Jackie Burns made corrections as follows.  “The Society has received a letter from Connie Sargent( in place of Nellie Gilmore Archer) on behalf of the Archer family thanking the society for the chapel replica plaque.... and where Ms. Archer is written, it is changed to Ms Sargent.”  The minutes were accepted as corrected. 


TREASURER’S REPORT: Bill Cole presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The Society has $3975.42.  Note the Log Cabin fund has been debited $5000 which has gone to the Dougherty Fund @GTRCF   and the Log Cabin Fund now has $925.40. 


LOG CABIN: Carol Lewis gave the Log Cabin Report.  Carol read a letter from Julianne E. Meyer, a founder of the Hessler Log Home.  Julianne listed the repairs and improvements needed for the Log Cabin - repair the wall and windows, plantings and a pedestrian walkway. Julianne goes on to say, “I understand the importance of the Dougherty House Project.  However, I feel that a good part of the Log Cabin Fund should be kept for the continued maintenance of the Log Cabin.”


DOUGHERTY HOUSE PROJECT: Bob Dean said that he had no report as he had asked Bob Manigold to make his report for him. President Lewis handed out a “Draft Organizational Chart Dougherty Historic Home Site Phase II.”


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Flo Schermerhorn reported that there are 68 membership families - 41 has two or more members in a family and 27 are single member families.  There are 110 members total including the one family joining the night of the meeting.


PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Carol Lewis reported that in February, Joyce Wardwell, author and herbalist will be speaking on “English and Native American Herbal Gardens in the Mid Nineteenth Century” and in March, Cal Jamison will be speaking on “the History of the Old Mission Peninsula.” The committee is talking with several speakers for future meetings.


ARCHIVE COMMITTEE: Bob Schermerhorn reported: Now that the project has been completed to raise the money to purchase the Dougherty House and its contents, the work for the Archive Committee will be greatly increased.  The society will have to give consideration to funding the work of the committee (which will need to be expanded) and the development of the plan for inventorying every item to determine how these items will be separated by category, which items will be retained, sold, destroyed or stored elsewhere if necessary.  This plan should be developed as soon as we approach the actual purchase and the weather is appropriate to start our work

ENDORSEMENT OF EVELYN JOHNSON’S BOOK ON BARNS” Steve Lewis presented the following statement to the Society for endorsement.
” The history of Old Mission Peninsula can be seen in its barns.  As the character of the peninsula changes, these barns are disappearing.  Evelyn Johnson’s The Barns of Old Mission Peninsula and Their Stories does a commendable service in gathering images and narratives of these structures.  As a historical society whose interests coincide with Evelyn’s, we enthusiastically endorse this book. 
   -Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society “
Bob Schermerhorn moved that the statement be endorsed as presented.  Second by Fred Stoye.  The motion carried unanimously


DONATION BOX AT CHURCH: Fred Stoye said that he had met with the Park Board, and they are considering an agreement similar to the one  the Society has for the Log Cabin. He will keep the Society informed.


COMMITTEE REORGANIZATION: President Steve Lewis presented the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society Committee Structure. It is as follows:
Log Cabin: Chair Patti Rudolph; Members: Jackie & Paul Burns, Laura Johnson, Arlene & Bob Dean, JoAnn Cole.
Log Cabin Day: Chair Carol Lewis; Members: Steve Lewis, Laura Johnson, Bob & Arlene Dean, Jackie & Paul Burns.
Dougherty Homestead: Chair Bill Cole; Members: Bob Rosi, Jackie Burns, Bob Dean
Dougherty Homestead Appraisal: Chair Jackie Burns; Members: Carol Lewis, Carl Johnson, Sue Feiger, Bob Schermerhorn.
Program: Chair Laura Johnson; Members: Carol Lewis, Carol Cutler, Nancy Hayward.
Archives: Chair Bob Schermerhorn; Members: Barbara Rowlett.
Hospitality( Meetings): Chair Arlene Dean.
Nominating: Chair JoAnn Cole, Members: Shirley Donovan.
Publicity/Fund Raising: Chair Dave Charlton.
Membership: Chair Flo Schermerhorn.
Tree Committee: Chair Rebecca Nothstine; Members: Leo Nothstine, Cal Jamieson.
Newsletter/Web Site: Chair Steve Lewis; Members Evelyn Johnson, Mary Johnson, Flo Schermerhorn, Carol Lewis, Danielle Lewis
Hospitality (Annual Dinner)
Steve said the Committee Structure is a work in progress.  He asked everyone to review the Committee Structure and get back to him between now and the next meeting with corrections and suggestions.  He will distribute an updated list at our next meeting.
He also reminded everyone that the Society has a web site.  It can be located at www.omphistoricalsociety.org  Danielle Lewis has done a great deal of work on it, and the web site now has texts as well as pictures.

Bob Rosi suggested that we have a historian.


ADJOURNMENT: Moved by Fred Stoye and seconded by Paul Burns that the meeting be adjourned.  The motioned carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.


Julie Avery                             Jack and Ruth Bay             Warren & Barb Berthelsen
Jackie & Paul Burns             Karen Cline                            Marie Cornell
Tim Carroll                             Bill & JoAnn Cole                   Larry & Linda Dean
Arlene & Bob Dean              Nancy & Gordon Hayward  

Nancy Heller                          Angie, Bruce,& Tyler Jensen  

 Dean & Laura Johnson      Evelyn Johnson                       Marty & Anita Klein   

 Mary Jo Lance                       Carol & Steve Lewis            Rob Manigold 

 Gladys & Tom Maguire      Joyce and Don Olson            Bob & Penny Rosi  

 Flo & Bob Schermerhorn                                                     Nikki Sobkowski
Jack Solomonson                   Fred Stoye                        Barbara & Boots Wolff

 Judy & Dave Charlton