Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

February 5, 2009 -7:00 pm

Peninsula Township Town Hall




I.                    Social Time: 


II.                 Program:  Our program will be “Voices from the Horn – History Through Recorded Sound”, presented by Jim Warner, a Traverse City resident who collects antique recordings and players.


III.               Business Meeting:

A.     Meeting called to order.

B.     Announcements & Community News


IV.              Monthly Reports:

A.     January Minutes –  Anita Klein

B.     January Treasurer’s Report- Warren Berthelsen

C.     Committee Reports


V.                 Old Business:  Log Cabin Day


VI.              New Business:  Barn Project (Evelyn Johnson)


VII.            Adjournment:




January 8, 2009 – 7:00 pm

St. Joseph Church




       I.      Social Time: Thanks to Nancy Hayward for the refreshments.


    II.      Program:  Mark Thompson, Executive Director of the Maritime Heritage Alliance gave a wonderful presentation on the ships, boats and programs of the Maritime Heritage Alliance. 


 III.       Business Meeting:

A.    Meeting called to order at 7:44 pm.


B.     Announcements –  Samantha Tengelitsch whose husband Erick is a Tompkins, Ghering, Swaney descendent, is working on a new history book about the north end of the Peninsula (area from Mapleton north).  This history will go back several thousand years and will include the Native American tribes, the encampments, early settlements and end with current day activity.  Samantha has a publisher and is hoping to obtain a Michigan Humanities Grant.  Her interest started with the discovery of two diaries written by her husband’s great-grandmother, Marjorie Ghering Geary.  The diaries were written between 1900 and 1915 and give a really unique peak at what life was like at the turn of the last century.   This is a big undertaking and Samantha is looking for help from our community.  In return for copies of your photos and family stories, she will donate some of the proceeds from the publication.  You can call her at 231-499-8188 or email to Samantha@parcelpost.org.  She has also set up a wonderful web site at oldmissionstories.wordpress.com.     


C.     November Minutes – Anita Klein

1.      Motion to approve – Cal Jamieson

2.      Seconded – Mary Johnson  


D.    November/ December Treasurer’s Report – Warren Berthelsen

A correction was made to the November report where the expenses for the month had been added to the balance instead of subtracting.

1.       Motion to approve – Paul Burns

2.      Seconded – Ken Weaver


 IV.       Committee Reports:

A.  Tree Committee – Cal Jamieson:  The trees have arrived and we will

 schedule a day in the spring with the Boy Scouts for planting.  Warren

 Berthelsen reported that he hadn’t received a bill for the trees as yet.  Cal

 will have Bob Dean look into it.


B.      Hessler Log Cabin – Paul Burns:  The Log Cabin is scheduled to open the first weekend in May and it will be in conjunction with the opening of the Lighthouse.  Some landscaping will be scheduled for spring and the irrigation system is still in the works.  If we don’t get the irrigation system, than the plants we select will be more drought tolerant.  


C.      Lighthouse – Fred Stoye:  Fred reports that they have found a keeper for the winter and that this person will be working on a list of painting and fix up projects.  Progress is also being made on the parking lot and the opening of a gift shop next spring.


D.    Log Cabin Days – Donna Hornberger reports that we still need a Chair to organize Log Cabin Days for next year.  Heatherlyn Reamer is willing to work with the presenters (crafters), but we still need someone to organize the setting up and tearing down of the tents, tables and the food services.  We will also need volunteers for the Log Cabin and Lighthouse tours.  Donna will bring a signup list to the February meeting.  This is a big event and we will need many members to step up and help out on that day.


E.     Archives – Ann Swaney had nothing new to report for Archives but she was wondering if someone should bring a voice recorder if we were going to talk about history before the regular meetings started.  A question was raised that didn’t our Oral History Committee purchase a recorder and couldn’t we use that?  Jackie Burns said that she had the recorder and will bring it next month.  Donna asked if anyone was interested in coming early next month (6:30) to talk about history and several people raised their hands.  Our February 5th meeting will be back at the Township Hall and Donna will be there at 6:30.  If you have something interesting about Peninsula History, please bring it in.


F.      Dougherty Home Site – Anita reports that a building inspector was

suppose to inspect the Icehouse yesterday and sign off on the building permits that we had.   I do not know how that went and Marty can give you a full report next month.  Marty and I did put some battery-powered candles in the windows of the Dougherty House so if you see some flickering lights, don’t call the police.  Jerry Ostlund noticed the lights and emailed me about how nice they looked and that he would like to donate some better ones (electric) for next year (in memory of his mother).  Hopefully by next year we will be able to safely plug them in.


    V.      New Business:

Donna reports that Jerry Ostlund will not be able to act as President next year. 

This is a situation that hasn’t happened before and I don’t think we

have anything in our Bylaws to cover this.  My suggestion is that we as an

 organization nominate and elect a new President next June.  Our current

Bylaws only allow a person to act as President for one year.  We would

have to make a change to our Bylaws for me to continue as President for

two years.  Donna also reports that she doesn’t have a current copy of the

Bylaws and could someone get a copy to her.  Paul Burns said he thought

                        that he had one he could send her.  If anyone is interested in running for

President please let Donna know.


 VI.      Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.






Anita & Marty Klein               Mary Johnson                          Laura Johnson

Stef Staley                              Arlene Dean                            Gordon Hayward

Nancy Hayward                      Judith & Kennard Weaver      Bob Russ

Jody & Dave Charlton            Jim Hall                                   Brad & Amy Lyman

Jackie & Paul Burns                Samantha Tengelitsch             Ann Swaney

Grace Budd                            Fred Stoye                              Lee & Donna Hornberger

Helen Lawson                         Diane Poore                            Lowell Burns

Cal Jamieson                           Roger Dunlap                          Rev. Jim Brammer

Gladys Maquire                      Monty Plough                         Warren Berthelsen






Respectfully Submitted,

Anita Klein, Recording Secretary