MINUTES -- Thursday, February 4, 2010 7:00 p.m.

Peninsula Township Hall


I.              Social Time.  Thanks to Judy Weaver for the delicious cookies and to Nancy Warne for providing the coffee.


II.            7:00 Program -- (Introduction by Program Chair, Donna Hornberger)  Gordon Hayward presented a program on the philosophy, concepts and planning for historic preservation as it relates to Peninsula Township.


III.        Business Meeting:


President Nancy Warne called the meeting to order at 8:02 PM.


Community News.  Donna Hornberger announced the Michigan Historical Society will be meeting in the Grand Traverse area in September 2011.  The OMPHS may want to check into this and become involved - perhaps arrange a field trip to the lighthouse or something of the sort.


IV.       Monthly Reports:


Approval of January minutes.  Minutes were approved as presented at this meeting.  Donna Hornberger moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Gladys Maguire.


Treasurer's Report.  Warren Berthelsen, Treasurer, was unable to attend due to illness.  The report was reviewed.  It was noted that there are 6 new members and 71 members who renewed. 


Warren had provided a written report on procuring the services of Pay Pal.  He is working on obtaining additional information because a non-profit has to submit certain documents before the program can be implemented.  Once this is done, it can be incorporated into the OMPHS website.  It is estimated that it will cost $0.63 for a $15.00 membership, and $1.40 for a $50.00 donation to the tree fund.


Committee Reports.


Log Cabin.  Laura Johnson reported on arrangements for Log Cabin Day 2010.  The subject was to have been on the agenda at the Park Commission meeting the previous evening.  Details to be determined.  Sign-up lists will be passed around at a later meeting.  We still need someone to be in charge of staffing the lighthouse.  The date is the last Sunday in June, this year, June 27.  Hours will be from 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM.


Marty Klein reported that the Peter Dougherty Society will probably have an open house featuring the 3-holer outhouse, ice house, and hiking trail.  Hours to be determined.


Newsletter/Website.  Steve Lewis reported that the next newsletter is in the preliminary stages.  He is trying to put a video of the reconstruction of the lighthouse onto the website.


Program.  Donna Hornberger has arranged the following programs:

                        March - Paula Kelley, a member of the Park Commisson, will present                               a program on the Old Mission Peninsula Parks

                        April - Laura Johnson & Stef Staley will give a program on the Mission                               Point Lighthouse

                        May - Ann Swaney will give a program on the history of NMC

                        June - Potluck


Tree Committee.  Cal Jamieson said there are 30 trees scheduled to be planted.  Some will be planted in the new Center Road Park.  The Committee hopes to have the Boy Scouts to help plant.  To date, approximately 400 trees have been planted.  Special personalized placques for trees are availablefor $50.00 each, to be placed by a particular tree.


Other Reports.


Report from Peter Dougherty Society.  Marty Klein reported PDS met with the people from the visual arts class.  The signage is being developed and will hopefully be ready by the end of June.


V.  Old Business. 


            Nancy Hayward volunteered to be Vice President.  Thanks Nancy! 


Barb Berthelsen and Laura Johnson have been taking minutes.  A Secretary is still needed.


A Log Cabin Maintenance chair is still needed. 


VI.  New Business.


VII.  Adjournment.  Cal Jamieson moved to adjourn.  Bob Dean seconded the motion.





Laura Johnson

Nancy Warne

Marty Klein

Susan Feiger

Walt Feiger

Grace A. Rudd

Bob Rudd

Carol Lewis

Stephen Lewis

Jim Richards

Judy Weaver

Kennard Weaver

Bob Dean

Cal Jamieson

Nick McMaster

Mary Jean McMaster

Nancy & Gordon Hayward

Gladys & Tom Maguire

Donna Hornberger

Minutes by Laura Johnson-2/14/2010