Agenda, January 4, 2007, 7 PM




I. Social Time:


II. Program “Before You Light a Match – Things You Should Know and Understand About Your Fireplace”  Don Shapton is an expert on wood burning fireplaces and stoves.  If you want to learn about the mysteries of draft and creosote as well as fireplace design, restoration and problem solving, Don will share his working knowledge and experience as a chimney sweep for over 20 years.


III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements


·        The December 7th meeting was cancelled due to weather conditions.  The Program Committee hopes to reschedule Jack Solmonson and his program about the Centennial of Peninsula Telephone Company.

·        Warren Berthelsen and Bob Rosi met on 11/10/2006 with Ward Johnson and Fred Stoye of the Parks Commission.

·        Several members of Historical Society traveled to Omena and attended the Putnam-Cloud-Tower open house.  Those attending were Carolyn Lewis, Anne Swaney, Penny and Bob Rosi..

·        Historical Society letter to Peninsula Township was presented to the Town Board on December 12, 2006.  The letter was well received.  In the current Township Newsletter is a call for volunteers to be involved in the formulation of the Historical Commission.


IV. Reports

A.  Minutes, JoAnn Cole

B.  Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen

C.  Dougherty Historic Home Site, Bill Cole / Bob Dean

D.  Park Commission representative regarding meeting on December 6th.

E.  Program Committee, Penny Rosi.


V. Old Business

A. Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees.  Chair needed for

Hessler Log Cabin Grounds and Landscaping Committee. 

            B Warren Berthelsen report on meeting with Parks Commission, 11/10/2006.


VI. New Business

            A.  Jerry Ostlund

            B.  Other business


VII. Adjournment