I.   Social Time:  Cookies and coffee were served.  President Bob Rosi invited guests of the evening to relate how they found about the meeting tonight.  Answers were varied:  Record Eagle, Leelanau Paper, Interlochen Public Radio, information from Elk Rapids, and friends’ invitation.


II.   Program:  Penny Rosi introduced the speaker, Don Shapton who is an expert on wood burning fireplaces and stoves.  The title of his talk was “Before You Light a Match – Things You Should Know and Understand About Your Fireplace.”  Don gave a brief history of fireplaces and their three basic designs:  masonry, heatilator, and zero clearance.  He gave many suggestions for the maintenance and restoration of fireplaces.  He concluded his talk by answering several questions.


III.   Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements


·        The December 7th meeting was cancelled due to weather conditions.  The board will discuss setting up a tree phone in case of another cancellation.

·        Warren Berthelsen and Bob Rosi met on 11/10/2006 with Ward Johnson and Fred Stoye of the Parks Commission.

·        Several members of Historical Society traveled to Omena and attended the Putnam-Cloud-Tower open house.  Those attending were Carolyn Lewis, Anne Swaney, Penny and Bob Rosi.  It was suggested by Bob Rosi that members visit the Putnam house.

·        An Historical Society letter to Peninsula Township was presented to the Township Board on December 12, 2006.  The letter was well received.  In the current Township Newsletter there is a call for volunteers to be involved in the formulation of the Historical Commission.

·        Stephanie Staley will be making a presentation to the Town Board meeting in the future.  Check with the Township when this will be.  She has been deeply involved with the Northport Lighthouse restoration and programs and is willing to offer her services to aid in the forthcoming Old Mission Lighthouse operation.


IV.   Reports

A.  Secretary’s Report:  The minutes of the November, 2006 meeting were accepted as amended.  There were three spelling corrections and in IV A, November meeting was corrected to October meeting.

B.  Treasurer’s Report:    Warren Berthelsen’s report for November/December was accepted.


C.  Peter Dougherty Society Report:  Bill Cole reported the title “Peter Dougherty Society” is registered and that it is incorporated as a “non-profit” organization in the State of Michigan.  There is continued work on a license to solicit and on 501(c)(3) form.  On January 27, artifacts from the Dougherty Home are to be sold from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. the Township Hall.  Bob Dean added that 4 crates from storage were brought to the Township Hall.

D.  Park Commission:  Warren Berthelsen and Fred Stoye gave a report about the meeting which Bob Rosi and Warren had with members of the commission, Ward Johnson and Fred Stoye.  Two items were discussed and agreed upon.  One is a need to review and redo the agreement for collection money at the Old Mission Lighthouse.  Another is the need to form a committee (possibly called a Historical Commission) to oversee those people working on historical structures on the Peninsula, namely, Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society, Peter Dougherty Society, Park Commission, and the Peninsula Township Board.

E.  Program Committee:  Penny Rosi reported that the meeting for February will be Paul Raphael who is a hunter, tracker and member of the Odawa tribe.  In March, Carol Lewis is speaking about a female Lighthouse keeper Sarah Lane; in April, Don Shapton will speak about restored surreys; in May, Jack Solomonson will give his rescheduled talk on the history of the Peninsula Telephone; and in June, Nikki Sobkowski will show a film of early farming on the Peninsula.

Addendum:  On 1/13/07 it was learned that Mr. Raphael is unable to present his program in February.  For the February 1 meeting, Nikki Sobkowski’s film on early farming on the Peninsula will be shown with narration.


V.   Old Business

A. Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees. 


VI.   New Business

            A.  JoAnn Cole noted that Jerry Ostlund wished to report that Penny Paulley and Gretchen Soutear were also members of the fund raising dinner last September.  He apologized that their names had been omitted in the Echo Newsletter.


VII.  Adjournment    The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


JoAnn Cole




Tom and Gladys Maguire          Deb Gautheir                            Dave Smith

Laura Johnson                          Bill & JoAnn Cole                    Steve Lewis

Ray Cole                                  Jane Sweet                               Pat Wolf

Shirley Donovan                       Cal Jamieson                            Dick Cutler

Ted & Lucile and Bagley          Bob and Arlene Dean               Mary Endress

Lee & Donna Hornberger         Howard Eisenhart                     Ben LaBelle

Bob and Penny Rosi                 Fred Stoye                               David & Jody Charlton

Warren & Barb Berthelsen       Neurma






Agenda, February 1, 2007, 7 PM




I. Social Time:


II. Program

Step back in time.  Original movies of farm operations on the Altenburg-Pratt Farm in Old Mission.  The color films were taken in 1944 by Clarence Altenburg.  Steve and Nikki Sobkowski, current owners of the family farm, will provide narration.


III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements


·        A reminder that anyone interested in working on the establishment of an Historic Commission should contact the Township as the matter will soon be going to the Planning Commission.

                 ·          Stefanie Staley, Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum,. will be speaking and making a presentation to the Town Board on Tuesday, February 13th.  She has been deeply involved with the Northport Lighthouse restoration and programs and has offered her services, at a meeting with the Park Commission, to aid in the forthcoming Old Mission Lighthouse operation.  Check the Township website for details


IV. Reports

A.  Minutes, JoAnn Cole

B.  Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen

C.  Dougherty Historic Home Site, Bill Cole / Bob Dean

D.  Program Committee, Penny Rosi.

E.  Nominating Committee,  Jerry Ostlund


V. Old Business

A.  Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees.  Chair needed for Hessler Log Cabin Grounds and Landscaping Committee. 



VI. New Business


            B.  Other business


VII. Adjournment