MINUTES -- Thursday January 7, 2010

Peninsula Township Hall

Meeting Convened by President, Nancy Warne at 7:00 PM

I.                    PROGRAM :

Jill Swan, 2009 graduate of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana., and author of Traverse City Football- Yesterday, today, & Tomorrow. Her book is the fulfillment of Coach Jim Ooley’s dream to tell the history and significance of football in Traverse City. Jill not only shared the vision, and content of her book, but also the process she went through from interviewing the players, writing, designing and publishing. Looks like quite an accomplishment for a young woman only a year after graduating from college.

II.                  BUSINESS MEETING

A.                  Meeting called to order

B.                  Announcements

1.                  Our incredible newsletter should be in your hands. Thanks to the writing by Carol Lewis and the layout by Steve Lewis.

2.                  Christmas party: need to block out the date. Do we want to switch it to the 2ndThursday in December? Some folks may have had conflicts with other Christmas activities the first week in December. To be brought up again in the spring for discussion.

3.                  Correspondence:  Northwestern Lower Michigan Historical Network. Requesting our membership .Joining the network costs $15/year. Motion by Laura That we join the network and  seconded by Anita. Unanimously approved.

4.                  Steve Lewis received an email from the website from an individual interested in historical preservation in Chelsea. Nancy will help him make some connections.

“Hello -- As the new president of a preservation group in Chelsea, Michigan (located just west of Ann Arbor), I am wondering whether I could speak with someone from the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society about your success in partnering with the township to preserve historic structures.  We have several historic buildings in our community that face the threat of demolition, and we would like to propose a partnership with city government to save them.


Thank you for your time and attention, and best wishes for the new year!



Michelle McClellan

Preservation Chelsea

Chelsea, Michigan”


III.               Monthly Report

a.       November minutes were approved as written.

b.      Treasurer’s Report- Warren Berthelsen. Treasurer’s report was approved as written

C. Oral History- Ann Swaney. Gift from Arlene Dean. Arleen donated a filing cabinet to the oral history project

D. Paul Burns has resigned as Hessler Log Cabin chair. Need a volunteer to check the cabin and open and close the cabin spring and fall.  Marty and Donna suggested that we use the township and OMPHS newsletter requesting workers for the spring opening.

E. Paul has resigned as Vice President and the board.  Because we do not have a secretary, the voting board consists only of Donna, Nancy and Warren. We need a volunteer to serve as vice president. With the new constitution, the vice president not automatically succeed to president. . Primary job of the vice president is to preside over the meeting if the president is absent. 

F. Peter Dougherty Society- Marty Klein.  The society is currently making a list of future projects. NMC Visual Arts studio class has accepted the Dougherty House as their spring project. They will be constructing some signage needed at the site.

G. Log Cabin Day- Laura Johnson. Heather is corresponding with all the crafters. There was unanimous support for the day. It is as always, the last Sunday in June. We need to have more volunteers from the membership to help on the day. This activity is our source of income for the year.

H. Pay Pal: Judy Weaver  moved to authorize Warren to use his best judgment in investigating and starting a Pay Pal method of payment for dues through the web site. Seconded and unanimously approved.

II 8:20 Meeting was adjourned.


 Barbara Berthelsen, substitute secretary.


Ann Swaney, Warren and Barb Berthelsen, Nancy and Gordon Hayward, Kenneth and Judith Weaver, Tom and Gladys Maguire, Nancy Warne, Anita and Marty Klein, Donna Hornberger, Steve and Carol Lewis