June 7, 2007 5 PM


4007 Swaney Road


I. Social Time and Dinner:


II. Program Writer/historian Carol Lewis presented a program entitled “Sarah and John Lane, Lightkeepers of Mission Point Lighthouse, 1881-1906”.  Carol gave background information on lighthouses as well as stories of people who had a part in the Mission Point Lighthouse.  Many photographs of the lighthouse from the archives of the Grand Traverse Heritage Center were included in the program.


III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements

Bob Rosi called the meeting to order.  Many thanks were given to TerryLee Johnson for organizing the dinner.

IV. Reports

A.  Lighthouse:  Fred Stoye reported that there are plans to have the lighthouse hopefully open in the future from May until October.  There needs to be retro-restoration to the turn of the century of it.  Many volunteers will be needed.

B.  Landscaping at Hessler Cabin:  Barb Berthelsen reported that landscaping was done at the Log Cabin on May 29th from 10-4.  Volunteers helping were Roger Dunlap, Anita and Marty Klein, Bob Dean, Cal Jamieson, Warren and Barb Berthelsen and Jim Gilmet and two of his helpers.  The fence was completed, top soil brought in, and ground was seeded and fertilized and covered with straw.  Diamond dust will be placed on paths in the future.

C.  Log Cabin Day:  Heatherlyn Reamer reported that many activities are planned for June 24, from 11 am to 5 pm.  Volunteers are needed for inside the cabin plus supervising children’s games and set up.

D.  Minutes:  The minutes were approved with corrections.

E.  Treasurers Report:  Warren Berthelsen gave the report and it was approved with no questions.

F.  Dougherty Report:  Bob Dean reported that the archaeological study will occur from June 11 to July 25.  A successful sale of some of the items from the Dougherty Sale was completed in May under the guidance of Barb Rowlett and Carol Prucha.  An archaeology study of the property will be begun soon.  Marty Klein has begun an architectural study.  A fund raising Irish dinner will be help on August 11 with tickets at $30.

G.  Log Cabin:  Carol Lewis reported that class of 42 students visited the log cabin one day, another day 100 students, and there are plans for students in the future to visit.

H.     Newsletter/Web Site:  Steve Lewis will continue to publish the newsletter twice a year and the web site is on-going.  The website is www.omphistoricalsociety.org




I.  Program Committee:  Jackie Burns reported that on August 11 Evelyn Johnson would talk about barns, in September Dr. Mark Holly would discuss Underwater Archaeology in Old Mission, and in October Al Bonney would present a banjo sing-a-long and give history of some of the songs.

J.  Tree Committee:  Rebecca Nothstine reported that trees can be planted for memorials for $50.  One might also make a contribution to purchase trees.

K.  Park Commission:  Laura Johnson reported that the National Governors Association is visiting The Peninsula on July 22.  They will be at Lighthouse Park, hope to see lighthouse and Hessler Log Cabin.  They will have a bonfire from 5 pm until 10 pm.

V. New Business

A.  Nominee for President Elect, Donna Hornberger, and nominee for Secretary, Anita Klein, were introduced.  There were asked for nominees from the floor, none were offered.  Donna and Anita were elected unanimously.

B.  Bob Rosi introduced Paul Burns as the new President.  Paul closed the meeting.






Carol and DickCutler

Rebecca and Leo Nothstine

Jody and Dave Charlton

JoAnn and Bill Cole

Verla and Cal Jamieson

Timothy Carroll

Nancy and Dave Warne

Joey and Larry Bensley (visitors)

Barb and Warren Berthelsen

Anita and Marty Klein

Jacquelyn and Paul Burns

Shirley Donovan

Julianne and Chuck Meyer

Hedy Quick

Susan and Walt Feiger

Carol Prucha

Bob and Penny Rosi

Mary Johnson

Carol and Stephen Lewis

Laura and Dean Johnson

Stef Staley (visitor)

Dorothy and Rex Matzinger (visitors)

Barbara and Jim Rowlett

Richard Schmuckel (visitor)

Penny Paulley

Lucile and Ted Bagley

Brad Lyman (visitor)

Arlene and Bob Dean

Cozette Varg

Vi and Jack Solomonson

Fred Stoye

Terilee Johnson

Heatherlyn, Emma & Jamey Reamer

Ann Marie Grenadcie (visitor)

Joyce & Walter Berthelsen (visitor)

Barbara Berthelsen (visitor from the east)

Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

August 2, 20077:00 pm

Peninsula, Township Town hall



I.          Social Time


II.                 Program:  Evelyn Johnson, author of “Barns of Old Mission Peninsula and Their Stories”, will present a power point program on her popular barn book.  Evelyn will tell some of the barn stories contained in her book that features 104 barns.  Thirteen of the barns in the book are Phantom Barns.


III.               Business Meeting:

A.     Call to order

B.     Announcements


IV.              Reports:

A.     Minutes – JoAnn Cole

B.     Treasurer – Warren Berthelsen

C.     All Committee Reports


V.                 Old Business:

A.     Mission Park, Lighthouse – Laura Johnson

B.     Oral History Committee – Penny Rosi

C.     Hessler Log Cabin landscaping – Barb Berthelsen


VI.              New Business:

A.     Membership – New approaches to existing programs.

B.     Future repairs for the Hessler Log Cabin – Pattie Rudolph (July 31 meeting).

C.     Future Committee for the Historical Heritage Road Program.


      VII.     Adjournment