Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

June 5, 2008

American Legion Post

4007 Swaney Rd.




I.                   Social Time:  Annual Potluck Dinner – Doors will open at 5:00 p.m. and dinner will start at 5:30.  Barbeque and Swedish meatballs will be our main dish.  Be sure to bring your dish to pass.  Our program will start at 6:30 with the meeting to follow.  (Don’t forget that our dinner and meeting will be held at the American Legion Post on Swaney Rd.)


II.                Program: Tim Carroll will present “Mapleton, Cultural Center of the Peninsula 1940 – 1950”.  During the first 120 years of its history, the Peninsula was divided into 6 school districts.  Tim was born in Mapleton, the district at the geographic center of the Peninsula.  Tim Carroll, a 1956 graduate of St. Francis undertook an international career, which lead to nine overseas posts, including service at U.S. embassies in Pakistan, Poland, and Russia.  He spent the final 5 years of his career in Washington D.C. as the Protocol officer for the U.S. Attorney General, before returning, in 2002, to his Great Grandfather’s home in Mapleton.  (You won’t want to miss this!!)


III.             Business Meeting:

A.    Meeting called to order.

B.     Announcements

1.      As always, new membership forms may be picked up form chairman Ann Marie Grenadier, directly at our meeting or by a written request to the following address;



P.O. Box 115

Old Mission, MI 49673

Please indicate “Old Mission Membership Form” and your return address.

2.      Community news.


IV.             Monthly Reports:

A.    May Minutes – Anita Klein

1.      Motion to approve

2.      Seconded

B.     May Treasurer’s Report – Warren Berthelsen

1.      Motion to approve

2.      Seconded





C.     Committee Reports

1.      Hessler Log Cabin – Paul Burns

a.       May 3rd initial opening.

b.      Dedication to the Old Mission Women’s Club.

2.      Log Cabin Days – Heatherlyn Reamer/ Terilee Johnson

3.      Dougherty House – Bob Dean


V.                Old Business:

A.    Nominating Committee – Barb Berthelsen/ Laura Johnson

1.      Introduction of potential officers for 2008 – 2009.

2.      Required membership approval.


VI.             New Business:

A.    Introduction – New President – Paul Burns/ Donna Hornberger


VII.          Adjournment:



Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

May 1, 2008 – 7:00 pm

Peninsula, Township Town Hall




       I.      Social Time & welcome.


    II.      Program:  Dr. Mark Holley presented an update on his underwater archaeological survey of Grand Traverse Bay.


 III.      Business Meeting:

A.    Meeting called to order at 8:15 p.m.

B.     Community News – Bob Rosi reminded everyone that Mat 13th is the last day to submit your name to the township for openings on the Township Board, the Park Board or the Library Board.  Ann Swaney reminds everyone that the dedication of Center Road as a Historical Heritage Road will be May 17th at the Fire Station at the base of the Peninsula.  The time is from 1to 3 pm and refreshments will be served.    



 IV.      Monthly Reports:

A.    April Minutes – Anita Klein

1.      Motion to approve – Mary Johnson

2.      Seconded – David Charlton

B.     April Treasurer’s Report – Warren Berthelsen

1.       Motion to approve – Heatherlyn Reamer

2.      Seconded – Cal Jamieson


    V.      Committee Reports:

A.    Dougherty Home Site – Bob Dean/Marty Klein:  Bob reports that on April 11th, Ilene Tyler, FAIS, of Quinn Evans Architects in Ann Arbor presented a program which discussed the importance and role of a historic structure report in restoring the Dougherty-Rushmore house.  The program was well attended and very informative.  Dr. Ted Ligabel supervised a team of 17 students who over two days, performed a historical structure investigation of each room in the house.  The students also took 100’s of pictures and studying such things as paint, wallpaper, window construction/placement and room placement both current and past.  On July 20th, Dr. Ligabel will return and make a report of their findings. 


Marty reports that Rob Manigold will donate rocks to be used on the icehouse foundation reconstruction.  Master stone mason Tim Wicksall will be supervising.  We still need volunteers to prepare the site before he can begin and to work along with him in the actual reconstruction.  The more we can do on our own, the more money we can save.  You can contact Marty at 231-223-4044.  The Dougherty house has $7,000 left over from the $20,000 donated by the Olson Foundation.  This donation was to be used for the Archeological Study, which only cost $13,000. We have been informed that we can use the remainder on the house and or buildings.


B.     Log Cabin Days- Heatherlyn Reamer:  Log Cabin Day will be Sunday,

June 29th from 11:00 to 5:00.  This is our 10th anniversary!  We will have crafters, music, and the Harmonica Class will be back.  We hope to find someone to underwrite all of the food for this year.  Things are going well but Heatherlyn could use some extra help!!  If you have some time please call her at 231-223-9256 or email to foxhill@pentel.net.  Sign up sheets for working in the Log Cabin and the Lighthouse are on the back table. 


C.     Annual Potluck Dinner – Terilee Johnson:  The potluck is June 5th at the

     American Legion Post on Swaney Road.  Doors will open at 5:00 p.m.

     with dinner at 5:30.  Barbeque and Swedish meatballs will be our main

     dish.  Sign up sheets for a dish to pass are on the back table.  Our program

     for the evening will start at 6:30 with the meeting to follow.


 VI.      Old Business:

A.    Hessler Log Cabin – Paul Burns:  Paul has volunteered to be chair for the

      next two years.  His plans are to work closely with the Park Board so there

      is a happy medium between the two organizations.  On April 17th, Paul 

      Burns and Warren Berthelsen attended the meeting of the ‘Old Mission

      Women’s Club’ where they accepted a grant in the amount of $350.

      Because of the many grants we have received over the years we decided

      to do something for the OMWC.  Cal Jamieson and I have planted a sugar

      maple tree in front of the cabin and on Saturday we will dedicate it to the

     OMWC.  The dedication will be at 10:30 am.  Mary Schultz of the OMWC

     along with a photographer from the Record Eagle will be in attendance.  A

     dedication plaque will be placed in front of the tree.  Paul plans on having

     some advisors to help him with any additional planting/landscaping to be

     done at the cabin.  He also plans to make a new inventory with photos of

     all the items inside the cabin. 


     Everyone who volunteered to help with the spring opening (cleaning and

     set up of furniture) should meet at the cabin on Saturday at 10:00 am.


B.     Nominations – Barb Berthelsen:  Barb reminded everyone that if they would like to run for office, they should let her know.  Warren has agreed to continue as Treasurer and Jerry Ostlund has agreed to run as Vice President.    


VII.      New Business:

A.    Membership - Ann Marie Grenadier:  Ann Marie reports that she would

      like to try and get some of the businesses on the Peninsula interested in the

      Historical Society.  Perhaps have them display some brochures or posters

      for us.  If anyone has any ideas please contact Ann Marie at 223-7271.  A

      suggestion was made to try and identify guests before our programs start

      and give them a membership form at that time.  Another idea was to have

      car emblems made for the OMHS to help promote the organization.


B.     Dues – Warren Berthelsen:  Warren wants to remind everyone that your

      membership dues are due at the June 1st meeting.


C.     Thanks for your good work – Paul Burns:  Paul took this time to thank his

      staff for all their work during his term as president.   



VIII.      Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.





Tom & Gladys Maguire          Ted & Lucile Bagley               Shirley Donovan

Jackie & Paul Burns                Anita & Marty Klein               Hedy Quick

Arlene & Bob Dean                Pat Wolf                                  Jerry Ostlund

Barb & Warren Berthelsen      Carol & Steve Lewis               Bill & JoAnn Cole

Bob Rosi                                 Heatherlyn Reamer                 Terilee Johnson

Cal Jamieson                           Tim Carroll                              Fred Stoye

Patti Rudolph                          Jody & Dave Charlton            Ann Marie Grenadier

Ann Swaney                           Laura Johnson                         Mary Johnson

Carol Towar                            Nancy Warne








Respectfully Submitted,

Anita Klein, Recording Secretary