Minutes of the Annual Meeting June 1, 2006


The Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society met at 5:30 p.m. at the Legion Hall.  The members provided a marvelous Potluck for the members and their guests.


THE PROGRAM:  Dan LeBlond, President of the Elk Rapids Historical Society, Greg Reisig, Vice President, and Glenn Neumann, past President provided a power point presentation about the Old Mission Peninsula and the Elk Rapids connection.  Mr. LeBlond started the presentation with the Mound Builders and talked about the early Native Americans.  Mr. Reisig provided many early maps – some provided by Rev. Dougherty, and ending the program with readings by Mr. Neumann from the Elk Rapids paper dating back into the 1800.


Call to Order:  President Steve Lewis called the meeting to order at 7:55 p.m.  He thanked Terilee Johnson and Ann Dressel for organizing the potluck.  He also thanked Arlene and Bob Dean for organizing and hosting the refreshments for the general meetings.


OMPHS Logo:  Joan Bonney presented the new Logo for the Society and gave an explanation of the symbolism.  The logo will be voted on at a later meeting.


Log Cabin Day Update:  President Lewis said that Log Cabin Day activities have been divided up with captains for each activity.


A.  Carol Lewis reporting:  Carol thanked all the people who have worked on make Log Cabin Day possible and she passed around a sign-up sheet for everyone who has not yet signed up to help with Log Cabin Day.

Mary Jo Lance is the coordinator of the horse and carriage rides.  There will be two carriages.  Tim Carroll will be a speaker on one of the carriages.  The committee still needs another speaker.


B.  Laura Johnson reporting:  Regarding Log Cabin Day, we still need people to work in the lighthouse and log cabin.  The sign up sheets are being passed around.  Dave & Jody Charlton and Steve Lewis will be the “Co-Captains” for the Sales and Ticket Table.


C.  Dave Charlton reporting:  Terilee Johnson designed the logo for the Log Cabin Day t-shirts.  Bill Cole reported that the committee had already sold t-shirts worth $336 tonight at the potluck.  There are visors and aprons for sale by individual order.


The food to be sold is a test item for upcoming years.  There will be hotdogs and bottled water for sale.  The hotdogs will be provided by Peninsula Market.


Dave said that we have the money for two horse and carriage rides.  Individual members contributing to the carriage rides are:  Dave and Jody Charlton, Carol and Dick Cutler, Ann Dressel, Gordon and Nancy Hayward, Mary Johnson, Dean and Laura Johnson, Terilee Johnson, and Carol and Steve Lewis.

Businesses contributing to the carriage rides are:  Chateau Chantal, Peninsula Telephone, Peninsula Market, Old Mission Tavern, Old Mission General Store, Old Mission Inn and Traverse City State Bank.


The Log Cabin:  Patti Rudolph said that the committee has volunteers signed up for the week-ends through July and she needs people to sign up for August.  The committee needs people to open and close the Log Cabin, to wash the windows and sweep up the viewing area.


Election of Officers:  Presented by JoAnn Cole and Shirley Donovan, the Nominating Committee.


JoAnn thanked the existing officers:  President Steve Lewis, Vice-President Bob Rosi, Treasurer Bill Cole, and Nancy Hayward acting Secretary.  JoAnn explained that Peggy Carter, elected in June 2005 had resigned and left the area.  Ms. Hayward had taken her place and is resigning in June.  JoAnn asked if there were anyone in the membership who would fill the secretarial position.  There being no one, if the membership knows of someone, please contact President Elect Bob Rosi.


Shirley Donovan presented the Slate of Officers:

President, Bob Rosi; Vice President, Paul Burns, and Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen


Bob Schermerhorn moved and Nancy Hooper seconded to accept the slate of officers as presented.  The motion passed unanimously.


The meeting was adjourned.




Ted & Lucille Bagley

W. & B. Berthelsen

Joan Bonney

Paul & Jack Burns

Tim Carroll

D. & J. Charlton

Bill & JoAnn Cole

Bob & Arlene Dean

Shirley Donovan

Ann Dressel

Joe Field

G. & N. Hayward

Nancy Hooper

Cal & Verla Jamieson

Laura Johnson

Evelyn & Carol Johnson

Mary Louise Johnson

Terilee Johnson

Marty & Anita Klein

Steve & Carol Lewis

Jerry Ostlund

Penny Paulley

Don & Helen Pratt

Carol Prucha

Bob & Penny Rosi

Barbara & Jim Rowlett

Patti Rudolph

B. & F. Schermerhorn

Jack & Vi Solomonson

Fred & Debbie Stoye

Ann Swaney

Doris Wetters





Barbara Cole

Dan LeBlond

Greg Reisiz

G., H.,& E.  Reimer






7 PM, August 3, 2006

Peninsula Township Town Hall

13235 Center Road

    I.  Social time

   II.  Program:  Illini Cottagers, Jane Highsaw, Penny & Bob Rosi

  III.  Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements

        A.  JoAnn Cole will be our secretary to complete term of retired secretary

        B.  Logo from Joan Bonney on name tags, will vote on later

        C.  Approval was given to Dave Charlton for additional purchases of t-shirts, aprons, visors etc prior to Log Cabin Day

        D.  Board approved organizers of Middle Eastern Dinner to use 501(c)(3) of OMPHS and the purchase of special event insurance to be reimbursed by Jerry Ostlund

        E.  Board recommends path designation of Hessler Log Cabin

  IV.  Reports

          A.  Secretary , JoAnn Cole

          B.  Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen

          C.  Dougherty Historic Home Site, Bill Cole/Bob Dean

          D.  Log Cabin Day Committee, Carolyn Lewis

          E.  Program Committee, Penny Rosi

          F.  Publicity/Fund Raising Committee, Dave Charlton

   V.  Old Business

        A.  Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees

          B.  Nominating Committee needs chair and members

          C.  Membership Committee, Flo Schermerhorn requests input relative to new and creative ways to enhance membership

          D.  OMPHS Log discussion and vote

  VI.  New Business

          A.  Letter from Peter Dougherty Society for the support from Historic Society

          B.  Amendment to by-laws, quorum requirement

          C.  Nancy Hayward, Designation of Paths at Hessler Log Cabin

          D.  Jerry Ostlund, Middle Eastern Dinner

          D.  Other Business

VII.  Adjournment


Suggested Amendment to Bylaws

Article VII  - Membership Meetings


Current wording:

“Twenty-five percent of the membership shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.  A majority of those present will be necessary to pass an issue being voted upon.”


Recommended amendment:

Fifteen percent of the paid membership shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.  A majority of those present will be necessary to pass an issue being voted upon.”