Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

March 6, 2008 -7:00 pm

Peninsula Township Town Hall



I.                   Social Time:  Arlene & Bob Dean


II.                Program:  Dan Shapton has lived and worked in the Grand Traverse Area for over 30 years.  In 1984 while restoring the fireplace at the historic Sunset Lodge of Omena, he came into possession of the lodge’s original dilapidated surrey with the fringe on top.  The story of its life, restoration and eventual return to Omena is an interesting one.  Built by the Flint Wagon Works before they became Buick Motor Car Company, the surrey has some automobile historical significance as well.  Don is a humorous and entertaining speaker.  There will be photos and memorabilia that coincide with the story.  Twenty-five years as a horseman and chimney sweep bring a unique perspective to life in our northwestern Michigan paradise.


III.             Business Meeting:

A.     Meeting called to order.

B.     Announcements

1.      As always, new membership forms may be picked up from chairman Ann Marie Grenadier, directly at our meeting or by a written request to the following address;



P.O. Box 115

Old Mission, MI 49673

Please indicate “Old Mission Membership Form” and your return address.


2.      Community news.


IV.              Monthly Reports:

A.     February Minutes

1.      Motion to approve

2.      Seconded

B.     February Treasurer’s Report

1.      Motion to approve

2.      Seconded


V.                 Old Business:

A.     Update from the Nominating Committee – Laura Johnson/ Barb Berthelsen.

B.     Update on Hessler Log Cabin Document on the “Duties and Responsibilities of the Hessler Log Cabin”.  (Hand outs for the membership)

C.     Update on the “Duties and Responsibilities” on the opening and closing of the Hessler Log Cabin” – Paul Burns/ Fred Stoye.

D.     Volunteer needed:  We need a volunteer to act as our chairman for the Hessler Log Cabin.  See Paul Burns for details.  A tentative date for its seasonal opening this year will be Saturday, May 3rd or May 10th.  We would like to co-ordinate with the opening of the Old Mission Lighthouse.

E.     We need a new chairman for the Publicity/Fund Raising for next year – Paul Burns.


VI.              Committee Reports:

A.     Dougherty Home Site – Bob Dean

B.     Log Cabin Days – Heatherlyn Reamer/ Terilee Johnson

C.     Membership/Oral History – Ann Marie Genadier

D.     News Letter/ Website


VII.           New Business:

A.     Open for discussion on ideas.



Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

February 7, 20087:00 pm

Peninsula, Township Town Hall




I.                   Social Time & welcome – Delicious Valentine cookies were provided by Shirley Donovan.


II.                Program: Al Bonney did a wonderful job of leading us in a sing along of many of our old favorite songs.  He also provided us with a bit of history on some of these songs. 


III.             Business Meeting:

A.     Meeting called to order at 8:00 p.m.

B.     Community News – no reports.


IV.              Monthly Reports:

A.     January Minutes – Anita Klein

1.      Motion to approve – Donna Hornberger

2.      Seconded – Arlene Dean

B.     January Treasurer’s Report – Warren Berthelsen

1.      Motion to approve – JoAnn Cole

2.      Seconded – Jackie Burns

C.     Membership - Paul Burns announced that anyone in the audience who is interested in becoming a member of the Society should talk to Ann Marie Grenadier. 


V.                 Committee Reports: 

A.     Newsletter/Website – Steve Lewis.  Paul Burns reports in Steve’s absence that the next newsletter will go out in late March or early April.  Steve will also forward to the Board and the Membership the election procedures for us to debate on if we want to.  The reason for this is that the pool for possible officers is getting low and perhaps we should change the rules for election.  Also, a reminder that the web site includes the Minutes for the last meeting and the Agenda for the upcoming meeting.

B.     Oral History- Ann Marie Grenadier.  Ann Marie Grenadier is now the chairman for the committee.  Ann Marier reports that the committee has a list of people they would like to interview first, they have purchased some equipment, and have done some practice interviews.  They have also decided on a schedule (who will do what/when).

C.     Log Cabin- Paul Burns.  Paul Burns reports that we still need a volunteer for the Log Cabin Committee to replace Patti Rudolph.  There will be lots of changes this year and the position will not be as demanding. We really need someone to volunteer by the April meeting.  The cabin should be cleaned and made ready to open by the second or third weekend in May.  If anyone is interested please call Paul Burns at home.

D.    Log Cabin Days- Heatherlyn Reamer.  Heatherlyn reports that Log Cabin Days will be June 29th  (last Sunday in June) from 11 am. to 5 pm.  We have been approved by the Township Board to have our event.  Volunteer lists will be out so please sign up.

E.     Nominating- Barb Berthelsen.  Barb reports that they have the membership list and they will be calling to find volunteers.


VI.              Old Business:

A.     Old Mission Lighthouse:  Fred Stoye reports that as of January 15th the Lighthouse was vacated and it has been winterized.  The furnace is still on and we check it on a regular basis.  We hope to open to the public in late spring.  The two rooms facing the water will be open with one being the Lighthouse Keepers office.  The other room will be used as a ticket room and perhaps a place to sell items.  Some of the artifacts from the Dougherty House will be used to decorate these rooms.  Also, if anyone has any old pictures or information form when the Lighthouse was working, we would like to have them to make copies and use for displays.  The upstairs rooms will be used to display these types of articles.   You can drop off your pictures at the Township Office.  The back of the Lighthouse, a bedroom, living room and kitchen, will be used as a potential Keepers quarters.  We are hoping someone will stay for several months at a time so we have someone there all year.  The people will pay to stay there and help out with any maintenance on the property.


A question was raised about security and Fred reported that our Grounds and Maintenance person is checking on a regular basis and keeps the walk shoveled so it looks as if someone is there.  The Deputy Sheriff is also checking on a regular basis.  The issue of using security lights will be brought up at the next board meeting. 


B.      Hessler Log Cabin Duties:  Paul Burns’s reports that the Duties and responsibilities for the Hessler Log Cabin have been typed and submitted for review to Fed Stoye.  Fred will review and return the document to Paul and than the Historical Society Board will review it.  Once it has been approved by the Board it will be presented to the Historical Society members.


VII.           New Business:

A.      Dave Charlton is resigning as chairman of the Publicity/Fund Raising Committee and we need a volunteer to replace him.  Please contact Paul Burns if you are interested.

B.     Paul Burns reports that the OMHS has been nominated by the “Old Missions Women’s Club” to receive grant funding.  The OMWC provides funding for nonprofit programs and services developed to meet needs in the areas of; cultural and educational programs, historic and land conservancy projects, health-related services, and services for children and families.  The awards typically range for $250 to $1,000.  We have to decide what we would use the grant funding for and return our proposal by February 28, 2008.  Paul suggested that we ask for the maximum and use it towards some of the necessary repairs needed on the Hessler Log Cabin.  The topic was opened for discussion.  Bob Rosi pointed out that we need to send a thank you letter to the OMWC for the grant we received last year, which was used to purchase equipment for the Oral History Committee. Barb Berthelsen suggested we consider using the grant to purchase a projector as we have been using hers and she is not always here to make it available. Warren Berthelsen pointed out that the Township has $4,300 that has been designated for repairs to the log cabin.  Someone else brought up the idea of using the money to remove/replace the very old trees in front of the Dougherty house.  However, Bill Cole reports that the Dougherty House is in the Michigan Preservation Network and we have to get permission from them before we can do anything.  Since this proposal has to be returned by Feb. 28th, this would not be doable.  Fred Stoye listed the repairs needed by the cabin and that the estimate for repairs was more than the $4,300 currently available.  More discussion followed and by a show of hands, it was decided to use the money for the Hessler Log Cabin.

C.     Nancy Warne wants everyone to know that a number of Indian baskets form the Dougherty House will be on display at the Traverse City Library through the month of February. A short discussion about the history of these items followed.

D.    Laura Johnson reports that the Northport schools are getting rid of old projectors and computers and would the Historical Society be interested?  They would be free.  A decision was made to accept an overhead projector.  Laura also reported that Carol Lewis sent her a copy of a newspaper article from 1905 called “A Beacon to Sailors Cared for by Women”.  The article is about Mrs. John W. Lane who was keeper of Old Mission Lighthouse for eight years when Mr. Lanes health was failing.  Copies of this article will be provided to all at the next meeting.



VIII.        Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.





Anita & Marty Klein             Lee & Donna Hornberger                 Angie Jensen

Bob & Penny Rosi                 Jacki & Paul Burns                            Nancy Warne

Bob & Arlene Dean               Fred Stoye                  Warren & Barb Berthelsen

Barb & Warren Berthelsen   Laura Johnson                       Walt & Susan Feiger

Heatherlyn Reamer               Bill & JoAnn Cole      Tom & Gladys Maguire

Al Bonney      


Respectfully Submitted,

Anita Klein, Recording Secretary