Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

March 5, 2009 -7:00 pm

Peninsula Community Library




I.                    Social Time: 


II.                 Program:  Linda Alice Dewey, President of the Kassel Mission Historical Society will present a program on the September 27, 1944, bombing mission over Kessel, Germany.  During this mission, the 445th Bomb Group had the highest group loss rate in a single day’s battle in history,  35 B-24 Liberator bombers battled 150 Luftwaffe fighters, and 118 American and 18 German aircrew died.  This program is being jointly sponsored by the Peninsula Community Library.


III.               Business Meeting:

A.     Meeting called to order.

B.     Announcements & Community News - Samantha Tengelitsh will talk about her book project.


IV.              Monthly Reports:

A.     February Minutes –  Anita Klein

B.     February Treasurer’s Report- Warren Berthelsen

C.     Committee Reports


V.                 Old Business:  Log Cabin Day


VI.              New Business:  Changes to by-laws


VII.            Adjournment:


Note:  Remember, we are meeting at the Peninsula Community Library.



                                             Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

                                                        February 5, 2009 - 7:00 pm

                                                     Peninsula, Township Town Hall





I.           Social Time:


II.        Program: Jim Warner, a Traverse City resident who collects antique recordings and players, gave a wonderful presentation called “Voices from the Horn - History Through Recorded Sound”.


III.       Business Meeting:

A.  Meeting called to order at 8:30 pm.


B.  Announcements -

1.  Bob Rosi is now in Florida getting a check up on his hip repair and is doing



C.  January Minutes - Anita Klein

1. Motion to approve - Lee Hornberger

2.  Seconded - Tom Maguire


D.  January Treasurer’s Report - Warren Berthelsen

      The January report will be presented at our March meeting as Warren is in

                  Florida at this time.


IV.       Committee Reports:

A.  Tree Committee - Bob Dean reports that the Traverse City State Bank gave a generous

      donation of $1,000.  Part of this was used to pay for the trees to be planted next spring

                  along Center Road.  The rest of the donation will be used to help pay for the mapping

                  of the trees (the location, species, and where the memorial trees are located).  Donna

                  reports that a Thank You note has been sent to the Traverse City State Bank.


B.  Hessler Log Cabin - Carl Johnson reports that he has repaired the old Regulator clock

                  that hangs in the cabin.  He reports that it is very old and that it even has wooden

                  cogs/gears.  The clock will be replaced in the spring.


C.  Log Cabin Day - Donna Hornberber reports that a sign up sheet will be passed around.

                  Please indicate which committee you would like to work on.  At this point we have a

                  person who will contact the crafters and one person who will organize people to work

                  in the Log Cabin.  We still need people to organize for the food, set up and tear down,

  and for the Lighthouse.  This doesn’t mean that if you sign up, you will be slaving over

              a hot stove all day.  It just means you will organize the people to work in these different

              areas.  Please indicate on the attendance sheet if you would be willing to do this.  The

              letters have already gone out to the crafters.  If we don’t get volunteers to head up these

              committees by the end of next week than we will have to scale back what we do for

              Log Cabin Day.  We may only be able to have the cabin opened with volunteers and

              perhaps the lighthouse.  We can’t have the crafters out there without more organization!

              Remember Log Cabin Day is the last Sunday in June.


V.  New Business:

A.  Bylaws - Donna reports that she is going to appoint a three person committee to look at

                 our current Bylaws to see if they need to be changed and will present something at our

                 March meeting.  We could vote on them in April and they will be in place when we

                 elect our new officers.  The committee will be made up of myself, Parl Burns, and

                 Nancy Warne.  We will be looking mainly at the terms of office.  Perhaps have a

                 President for only one year is not good for this organization.  If you have any strong

                 feelings about this please let Donna know. 


B.  Evelyn Johnson - Evelyn spoke to us about a new project that would hang quilt

                  patterns on the sides of our local barns.  You may have seen this in other parts

                  of the country.  The idea is to help promote Agra Tourism.  It becomes like a

      scavenger hunt to try and spot the different patterns as you drive through the country

      side.  The property owners chose the patterns and decide how long they want them up.

      All the painting and installation is done by volunteers.  A quilt shop owner in

      Harrisville over on Lake Huron has started a program in that area.  She has designed

      many of the patterns that could be used.  Maps for the Quilt Tour would be available at

                  visitor centers, restaurants, markets, etc.  There are many of these down in Kentucky

                  and they are just beautiful!  For more information you can go to “Barn Quilt Trails” on

                  line and you will see examples from many states.


C.  Our next meeting will be at the Peninsula Community Library and our program will

                  be about the WWII Kassel Mission aerial battle.


VI.  Adjournment:






Donna Hornberger                                                                              Jackie & Paul Burns                Evelyn Johnson

Gladys & Tom Maguire                                                                      Heatherlyn Reamer

                                                                                                            Steve Lewis

Carol Lewis                                                                                         Bob & Arlene Dean

                                                                                                            Jim Brammer

Samantha Tengelitsch                                                                         Ann Swaney                           Nancy Warne