MINUTES- Thursday, March 4, 2010

7:00 PM Peninsula Township Town Hall. 


II.    Program:   (Program Chair, Donna Hornberger.)  Paula Kelley and David Murphy, members of the Park Commission, spoke about Old Mission Peninsula Township Parks.   Paula reported that the Peninsula has about 700 acres in parks, 500 at end of peninsula, and the Commission works with GT Conservancy in maintaining the parks.   

She said that Rob Manigold brought them a bundle of historical documents regarding Peninsula parkland that needs to be catalogued and scanned into a computer.  The Commission would like to display these items – suggestions were library, PD house, light house or the lower level of the Township office building.  Currently they are in Rob’s office.  Donna and Nancy Warne expressed interest in helping and will see if Ann Swaney would also like to help.   

Paula reported that Ray Weigel has an old framed “photograph” of Peter Dougherty that he purchased from a local antique shop.   

Dave Murphy talked about the history and development of Peninsula’s new South Park.  It was originally part of the old Pelizzari farm, contains 62 acres with 25 acres wooded, and 3 miles of hiking trails.  The Conservancy paid for remediation of some contaminated orchard land (lead arsenic).  The portion of the park that touches East Bay is not beach but a wetland area and about 450’ of shore.  The park is a passive natural area. The Commission, which uses volunteers for developing and maintaining trails, is working on landscaping the front part near Center Road that was an old orchard.  

III.   Nancy Warne, President, opened the business meeting. 

A.   Donna Hornberger moved, Cal Jamieson seconded to approve the minutes of the February meeting.  Steve Lewis made one correction.

B.   Warren Berthelsen distributed the Treasurer’s report.

There are currently 79 members. 

C.   Committee Reports given:  

1.    Log Cabin :  Steve Lewis reported that the narration in the cabin has to be redone.  (The current one was done by Carol Lewis.  It is scratchy and old.  The Lewises will redo it.)

2.    Newsletter/website:  The next newsletter will come out the end of March.

3.    Program:  Donna H. reported that there are programs planned for April and May (as previously announced).  Programs are needed for starting in the fall.

4.    Publicity.  Nancy expressed appreciation for Lee Hornberger’s announcements of the meetings in the Record Eagle. 

5.    Tree:  Cal Jamieson said that 44 trees would be planted in April.   

IV.  Old Business:  none 

V.   New Business:  

A.    Sue Feiger shared an album of antique Old Mission postcards (ones she was trying to identify.)  She is working on a book of OM postcards.  Several of the old postcards were of “Spring Park. “ The Park Commission members present decided the park was located on Peninsula Drive looking out at the island. 

B.     Nancy Warne displayed a book entitled:  “Bay Land and People”, a Short History of the Grand Traverse Region for Later Elementary Students, prepared by a class in writing Michigan Local History, Central Michigan College in 1949.  The book was brought in by Dave Charleton.  

C.     Members of the class listed in the book were as follows:

Martha Andresen

Natalie Banks

Irene Boyer

Maude Burkholder,

Marcella Butler

Bertha Champion

Martina Chaney

Phyllis Dalton

Elizabeth Fischer

Zella Forton

Doris Graham

Charlotte Groesser

Mabel Henschel

Donna Hickey

Rovena Hunt

Leslie Jamieson,

Maude Johnson 

Lillian Knapp

Eleanor McGarry

Luella McPherson

Maude Manns

Marion Maxon

Gladys Maxwell

Myrtle Moran

Ina Noteware

Belle Payne

Eva Puffer

George Burr Puffer

Ruth Raff

Elizabeth Rawlings

Genevieve Reinhart

Ivan Rogers

Lucille Schowednerdt

Lorraine Smith

Agatha Steele

Dorothy Van Epps

Gwendolyn Vassalla

Mabelle Watson

Elizabeth Wood

Hazel Wyatt 

At about 8:45, Cal moved the meeting be adjourned. 

Members present were: 

Warren Berthelsen

Rev Jim Brammer

Arlene and Bob Dean

Gordon Hayward

Nancy Hayward

Donna Hornberger

Susan Feiger

Cal Jamieson

Marty Klein

Carolyn Lewis

Stephen Lewis

Fred Stoye

Nancy Warne