March 2nd, 2006, 7 PM




I.  Social Time

II. Program:   Cal Jamieson will be speaking on “The History of the Old Mission Peninsula.”

III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements     

IV. Reports
A. Minutes, Nancy Hayward
B. Treasurer, Bill Cole
C.  Log Cabin, Laura Johnson, Carol Lewis
D.  Dougherty House Project,  Bill Cole
E.  Membership Committee, Flo Schermerhorn
F.  Program Committee, Laura Johnson
G. Archive Committee, Bob Schermerhorn 

V. Old Business

VI. New Business        

VII. Adjournment

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 Minutes of the meeting February 2, 2006


The Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society met at 7 p.m. at the Peninsula Township Hall. Gladys and Thomas Maguire provided the refreshments. 

THE PROGRAM: Joyce Wardwell, Herbalist and author, gave a presentation on” English & Native American Gardens in the Mid Nineteenth Century “ She explained the difference in the two.   Nancy Hayward introduced Joyce to the Society. 

CALL TO ORDER: President Steve Lewis called the meeting to order at 8:15 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: President Lewis stated the Board had met and had taken action on the following:

 A. Authorized joining Michigan Historical Society.  Bill Cole reported that this has been completed..

 B. Authorized transferring money from the Log Cabin Restoration Account to Log Cabin Escrow Account. In our contract with the Township Park Board, Seventy-five percent (75%) of the Log Cabin account from funds donated in the collections boxes are to be placed in the OMPHS account and 25% in an escrow account for future repairs and maintenance. When the society donated $5000 from the Log Cabin Account to the Dougherty House Campaign, there was not enough money left in the account to meet the  required 25%. The Log Cabin Restoration Account  is money left over from moneys given the Society by the Old Mission Peninsula Women’s Club.

 C. Authorized paying $132 for security system at the Dougherty House. Neither the Township or the Foundation at this time can legally pay for the system.

 D. Decided to write new text for the donation boxes.  The Society may have responsibilities for the Dougherty House when it is purchased, and the donation boxes should have a generic text for both houses and possibly the log church.

 E. Referred to the Membership Committee a proposal to offer one year free membership to donors to the Dougherty House. These donors will be new members of the society.

 F. Inform the Members that there will be a Township Public Hearing on the Dougherty Historic Home Site February 14, 2006 at 7 p.m.  It will be held at the Peninsula Township Hall..

 G. The Society has a website. Www.omphistoricalsociety.org 

THE SECRETARY REPORT: Nancy Hayward had sent the minutes of the January 5, 2006  meeting via e-mail and post to members.  They were also available at the meeting.  Nancy had received a correction to the minutes from Dave Charlton.  He said his wife’s name is Jody not Judy.  The minutes were accepted as corrected.  

TREASURER’S REPORT: Bill Cole presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The Society has $3787.87.  Bill stated that he would transfer the money from the Log Cabin Restoration fund to the Log Cabin Account as soon as he gets to the bank. He explained the Log Cabin agreement between the Township Board and the Society.  The Log Cabin Restoration Fund will be eliminated when the $561.10 is transferred to the Log Cabin Account. 

There followed a great deal of discussion concerning the contract between the Park Board and the Society.  President Lewis stated that this contract needs to be revisited 

Bill reported that we have three new members. 

LOG CABIN: Laura Johnson reported that the lights are on in the Hessler Log Cabin from 9 am till 5 pm. -  Seven days a week.  People can now see the house better.  
DOUGHERTY HOUSE PROJECT: Bill Cole reported that the committee is meeting every Wednesday Morning. They are between stages, but are writing a proposal for money for the contents.

They have entered into phase I and II and are writing grants for the archeological study.

They are planning for storage of the contents.

He invited everyone to the meetings 

Bill went on to say that ownership of the Dougherty Homestead is very important and is not necessary guaranteed. He  encouraged everyone to get to the Township Hearing on the 14th as the Township Board will be voting on accepting the Dougherty Homestead.

Bob Rosi read the notice of the Public Hearing on the 14th. 

Bill Cole moved and Hedy Quick seconded that the secretary be authorized to sent a letter by post and or e-mail informing the members of the Public Hearing on the Dougherty Historic Home Site; February 14, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. and requesting that the members to be present if possible and if not to send a letter in support of the township accepting the Dougherty House. The motion passed unanimously. 

Discussion followed on what role the Society would play in the Dougherty Home Site.  

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: There was no report as Flo Schermerhorn was out of town. 

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: March - Cal Jamieson will be speaking on “the History of the Old Mission Peninsula.”

April - Kathleen Osterhaus from Benzie County will be speaking on” Inventory and Acquisition for the Dougherty House”

May is open

June 25 - Elk rapids VP and Former President will be talking about “The Connections between Dougherty there and Dougherty here.”

July - none

August - Bob & Penny Rosi and Penny Pauley will be presenting an “Illini Orchards Program.” 

ARCHIVE COMMITTEE: There was no report as  Bob Schermerhorn was out of town. 

COMMITTEE REORGANIZATION: President Steve Lewis presented the updated organization structure of Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society Committee. He said that Nancy Hayward would join the Log Cabin committee and be responsible for developing the gardens at the Hessler Log Cabin. If you wish to be involved call Nancy.

Dave Charlton, Publicity/Fund Raising  is an excellent addition with a lot of experience.

Bob Rosi is our historian, and he will accept others.

Tom Maguire is photographer.

Flo Schermerhorn needs help on Membership.

Carol Prucha asked to be on Archive Committee .

Laura Johnson asked to be on Hospitality (Meetings)

Steve said that Organization Structure would be sent out with the minutes. 
Click here to see the Committee Structure.

Nancy Hayward said she was going to do refreshments in April and ask if anyone would be willing to make their Grandmother’s cookies.  JoAnn Cole volunteered to make her Grandmother’s cookies. 

ADJOURNMENT: Moved by Evelyn Johnson and seconded by Ann Dressel that the meeting be adjourned.  The motioned carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:35 p.m.




Warren & Barb Berthelsen            Bill & JoAnn Cole

Arlene & Bob Dean                   Marie Cornell

Shirley Donovan                     Ann Dressel   

Nancy Hayward                       Dean & Laura Johnson

Evelyn Johnson                      Mary Louise Johnson

Terile Johnson                      Marty Klein

Carol & Steve Lewis                 Gladys & Tom Maguire

Hedy Quick                          Bob & Penny Rosi

Barbara Rowlett



Mr & Mrs. Ron Dalton                Jane Lineau   

Mary Slade Morrison                 Don Nixon

Carol Prucha                        Joyce Wardwell