April 6, 2006, 7 PM






I. Social Time: Grand Mother’s Cookies provided by Joann Cole, Arlene Dean, and Laura Johnson.   Tree Tea by Nancy Hayward


II. Program:   Kathleen Osterhaus, Curator, Benzie County Historical Museum, “Why Inventory? Inventory and Collection Management”


III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements

            Town Board Passing Resolution to Accept Title to Dougherty Homestead

            Newsletter Available


IV. Reports

A. Minutes, Nancy Hayward

B. Treasurer, Bill Cole

C.  Log Cabin, Laura Johnson, Carol Lewis

D.  Dougherty House Project,  Bill Cole

E.  Membership Committee, Flo Schermerhorn

F.  Program Committee, Laura Johnson

G. Archive Committee, Bob Schermerhorn


V. Old Business


VI. New Business

            Fundraising at Log Cabin Day  


VII. Adjournment



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Minutes of the meeting March 2, 2006


The Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society met at 7 p.m. at the Peninsula Township Hall. Shirley Donovan and Lucile and Ted Bagley provided the refreshments.


THE PROGRAM: 7:20: Cal and Verla Jamieson gave a presentation on the Mapleton Area History, and on cherry farming equipment.  Pictures were provided by: Tim Carroll, Carol and Jack Dame, Wesley Gore, Carol Holmes, Helen Mumford,  The Peninsula Telephone Company, Penny Rosi, Terry Wells, and the Northwest Research firm.  The Jamiesons were introduced by Carol Lewis.
CALL TO ORDER: President Steve Lewis called the meeting to order at 8:30.


President Lewis gave the following announcements. :
 A. He sent a letter in support of the Omena Historical Society’s Rotary grant.


 B. The Society has jointed the Michigan Historical Society . The Society is receiving literature from them, and we are looking for a place to house the literature.


 C.  Carol and Steve Lewis attended the Park Board meeting and requested that the Society be able to do fund raising on Log Cabin Day.  The Park Board gave permission for the fund-raising  and the Society can now raise money on a much larger scale.   The Society need a fund-raising committee.


 D.  The Township Board of Trustees voted to table the resolution to accept title to  the Dougherty Historic Home Site. The society’s board encourages attendance at the next board meeting on March 14th and letters of support  to the Record Eagle. President Lewis has written a forum letter to the Record Eagle urging the township to support the resolution to accept title to the Dougherty Home site.


Angie Jensen moved, and Bob Schermerhorn seconded that the following petition be circulated among the members present and have it presented to the Township Trustees at their next meeting:


 Whereas over two hundred citizens have raised the money necessary to purchase the Dougherty Homestead,
 Whereas the fact that Peninsula Township will take title to the Homestead has been openly and repeatedly stated during the entire fund raising effort,
  We the undersigned members of the Old Mission Peninsula Historical
society, strongly urge the members of the town board to vote to accept title to the Homestead at its next meeting.
The motion carried unanimously.


Discussion followed concerning what the options were concerning organizations available to receive the property.


Vice President Bob Rosi announce:
 A. The Society received a letter from Ann Hooper. The Grand Traverse Historical Society is  inviting the OMPHS to participate in a Night Of  Nostalgia. on March 18th.   We are invited to  have a table to display the  Dougherty Historic Home Site.  Cost is  $25.00  .President Lewis took a vote of the Board, who were all present.  They voted unanimously to participate.  The project was turned over to the Membership Chair, Flo Schermerhorn.


 B. The Dougherty House Steering Committee is placing an ad in the Record Eagle thanking all of the donors for their support of the  project.  The Record Eagle will pay for half of the full page ad. Bob Rosi moved that the OMPHS contribute $50 to the ad thanking the donors.  The motioned was seconded by Ted Bagley. The motion passed unanimously.


 C .The Program Chairman, Carol Lewis is resigning as chairman. She has the programs in place through August. Bob thanked Carol for all the work she has done.


Bob announced that he is looking for a new Program Chairperson.  Call him or e-mail him at info@omphistoricalsociety.org.

 D. Bob Schermerhorn moved, and Ann Dressel seconded: To offer a one year free OMPHS membership to donors to the Dougherty House that are not now members of the Society The motion carried unanimously
THE SECRETARY REPORT: Nancy Hayward had sent the minutes of the February 2, 2006  meeting via e-mail and post to members. The minutes are also posted on the website.
 They were available at the meeting.  The minutes were approved as presented..


TREASURER’S REPORT: Bill Cole presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The Society has $3144.38.  Bill has moved the money  from the Log Cabin Restoration fund to the Log Cabin Account..  It now has $1503.73.  Bill went on to explain that according to the 25%  - 75% split between the Township and the Society, the  Township has $1486.95 in the Log Cabin Account, and OMPHS has $16.78.  Future contributions to the donation box will raise our share to 25%.


LOG CABIN: Laura Johnson had nothing to report..   


DOUGHERTY HOUSE PROJECT: Bill Cole had given his report under announcements.
MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: Flo Schermerhorn reported that we had one new member during February and another person joined during the meeting.
She is writing letters to the guests who have attended OMPHS’s meetings, introducing the society and inviting them to join.


PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Report by Carol Lewis.
April - Kathleen Osterhaus from Benzie County will be speaking on” Inventory and Acquisition for the Dougherty House”
May - Tim Cutler is a cooper and will be giving a presentation on his trade.
June 1 - Elk Rapids - Historical Society ‘s VP Greg Reisiz, and Glenn Neumann  President will be providing a power point presentation about the Old Mission Peninsula and the Elk Rapids Connection. Delete quotation mark.
June 25th - Log Cabin Day
July - none
August - Bob & Penny Rosi and Penny Pauley will be presenting an “Illini Orchards Program.”


LOG CABIN DAY: Carol Lewis reported that she has sent 120 letters to crafts people to participate in Log Cabin Day.  She has 6 responses.  Albert and Sue VanSlyke will have a horse and carriage repair shop..
Terry Johnson and Heath Reamer will prepare sandwiches for the Participatants


ARCHIVE COMMITTEE: Bob Schermerhorn report that he and several members of the Dougherty Steering Committee met with Eastern Mich. Univ. Professor Ted Ligebel and his graduate asst. Dana Goodwin on Thursday March 2. Prof Ligibel heads the Historic Preservation Program which offers a Master of Science Degree and other studies in the fields of Preservation Planning, Historic Administration and Heritage Interpretation. The purpose of our meeting was to explore if we could work with his program to assist us and his students in the Dougherty project. More discussion will follow when we can determine projects that would meet both needs.


ADJOURNMENT: Moved by Ted Bagley and seconded by Ann Dressel that the meeting be adjourned.  The motioned carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 p.m.


Lucile & Ted Bagley                Paul and Jackie Burns
Bill and Ann Cole                    Gary & Marie Cornell
 Carol Cutler                               Bob & Arlene Dean 

 Shirley Donovan                        Ann Dressel

 Joe Field                                    Don and Mary Fraser                 
Joe and Nancy Harris              Nancy Hayward
Verla & Cal Jamieson             Angie Jensen
Mary Johnson                          Carol and Steve Lewis
Tom & Gladys Maguire           Clara Moon
Carol Prucha                            Barbara & Jim Rowlett
Penny & Bob Rosi                   Flo & Bob Schermerhorn
Nikki Sobkowski                     Jack & Vi Solomonson
Fred Stoye


Martha (Aiken) Bartonr          Krista & Jerry Becker
 Marty & Rich Brauer              Ruth & Jack Bay
Ed & Karen Conway               William Fischer 

Ralph Franklin                           Elmer Jamieson
Nancy Heller                           David & Chois Jaymes
Gary & Marie Lehto               Mary Jo Lance
Mary Lyon                             John & Pat Metzker
Penny Paully                        Grace & Bob Rudd
Jane Sweet                          Gary Warte
Phil & Marge Weatherholt     Pat Wolf