May 3, 2007, 7 PM




I. Social Time:


II. Program

Jack Solomonson will present the history of Peninsula Telephone Company which is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year.



III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements

A reminder that anyone interested in working on the establishment of an Historic Commission should contact the Township as the matter will soon be going to the Planning Commission.


The Hill’s building us not for sale.  Information we had received was not accurate.  Marie Cornell will make a brief report later.


Parks Commission met on February 7th.  Heatherlyn Reamer will report on Log Cabin Day information later today. 


The Town Board on February 12th wants the Park Commission and OMPHS to come up with a new agreement regarding Hessler Log Cabin.  Warren Berthelsen and Bob Rosi have been working on a draft to present for approval to the membership.


            Telephone Tree:  In the event of adverse weather on day of monthly meeting the Board will decide to cancel by 3 PM at which time member notification calls will commence.


            The Old Mission Women’s Club is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year.  OMPHS has in the past been a recipient of charitable gifts from them and believe we will be again this year.  A Congratulatory Letter will be sent to them.  Later, we will discuss a meaningful use of their gift.


IV. Reports

A.  Minutes, JoAnn Cole

B.  Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen

C.  Dougherty Historic Home Site,  Bill Cole / Bob Dean

D.  Log Cabin Day, Heatherlyn Reamer

E.  Nominating, Jerry Ostlund

F.  Program Committee, Penny Rosi

G.  Tree Committee, Bob Dean


V. Old Business

            Bob Dean regarding replacement of tree at Elementary School.


Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees.


Log Cabin Grounds Committee needs chair.


            Marie Cornell, regarding the Hill’s building.


            Warren Berthelsen, regarding rewritten agreement with Park Commission.


Bob Rosi regarding insurance for crafters who wish to sell at Log Cabin Day.


VI. New Business


            Use of expected gift from Old Mission Women’s Club.


VII. Adjournment