May 3, 2007, 7 PM





7:15   Program: Penny Rosi, Program Chair

<>Jack Solomonson presented the history of Peninsula Telephone Company which is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year.  Jack explained how the early phones worked and what the peninsula phone system was like in the early days and how it has changed.
<>Ann Swaney introduced Dr. Mark Holly from NMC.  He is teaching a one week class on underwater archeology. In addition, he will be investigating the old pier pilings in Old Mission Harbor Saturday, May 12.  He is doing a long term study which involves doing a survey of East and West Bay over the next ten years.  This includes anything of historical or cultural interest; such as flooded Indian sites, ship wrecks, and sunken planes from WWII. 


I. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements

The following item was overlooked during the meeting: the Nominating Committee, chaired by Jerry Ostlund, presented this slate: President Elect, Donna HOrnberger, Secretary, Jeanie Ahart.  Additional nominations will be accepted before the vote at the Annual Meeting, June 7th.

·        The current issue of Echoes was recently mailed to current members.  Our thanks to the Echoes staff.


·        Evelyn Johnson’s recognition, September 2006, with a State History Award from the Historical Society of Michigan.  This evening she’s receiving the “Historical Rural Structures Award”, one of the 2007 Historic Preservation of the Year Awards at the Grand Traverse Heritage Center.


·        Anyone interested in working on the establishment of a Historic Commission should contact the Township as the matter will soon be going to the Planning Commission.


·        The Hill’s building is not for sale.  Information we had received was not accurate.


·        Parks Commission met on February 7th.  Heatherlyn Reamer will report on Log Cabin Day information under old business.


·        February 12th , the Town Board directed the Park Commission to meet with OMPHS and come up with a new agreement regarding Hessler Log Cabin.  Warren Berthelsen and Bob Rosi have been working on a draft to present for approval to the membership.


·        Telephone Tree:  In the event of adverse weather on day of monthly meeting the Board will decide whether to cancel by 3 PM at which time member notification calls will commence.  We utilized the telephone tree for the cancelled meetings in March and April as well as for the current meeting when we were preempted from the Township Hall.


·        The Old Mission Women’s Club is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year. A Congratulatory Letter has been sent to them.  OMPHS has in the past been a recipient of awards from them, and this year we received a $400 award.  A thank you note will be sent


·        Barb Berthelsen is the Chair of the Grounds Committee, Hessler Log Home.



Next month’s meeting will be here, at Legion Hall.  Be prepared to pay your annual dues at that time.  Please complete the membership application in the newsletter so we can update our member contact information.


II. Reports

A.     Minutes, Jackie Burns. The minutes were accepted as read.


B.     Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen. There is a $4,120 balance in the treasury.  There are 107 members in OMPHS.  The treasurer’s report was accepted as written.


C.     A tree has been purchased for the Old Mission School to replace the one that was removed during remodeling.  Bob Dean coordinated the efforts.  The cost of the tree was covered by the architect.


D.     Log Cabin Day, Heatherlyn Reamer: Crafters will be able to sell their wares.  We will pay a $25 fee to the township for the use of the Lighthouse Park. In the future there may be some revenue sharing with the Township.  The activities will take place Sunday, June 24th 9- 5 p.m. at Lighthouse Park.  The focus will be on crafts and activities for children.  The fee to go up in the lighthouse tower will be $3/person or $10 per family.


E.      Program Committee, Penny Rosi: At the Annual Meeting, June 7th, Carol Lewis will present a program on the history of the Lighthouse and Sarah Lane in particular.


F.      Patti Rudolph, Log Cabin: Patti is asking for volunteers to open the log cabin on Saturday.  She also needs volunteers to open and close the cabin on Saturday and Sunday, clean the windows, and sweep out the viewing area.  Some maintenance will need to be done to the cabin this year. Please contact Patti if you are able to open and close the cabin this season.


G.     Barb Berthelsen, Hessler Log Cabin Grounds Committee: Reported that the Park Board reconsidered and approved our 2004 application to landscape the grounds around the Hessler Log Cabin.  Paths, a split rail fence along the paths, and a grassy area to control erosion will be added. A list was passed to solicit volunteers.  The cost will be paid for from existing Log Cabin donations.


H.     Hospitality, for the June 7th Annual Dinner Meeting. Terrilee Johnson:

            The dinner will be at the Legion Hall.

5:00-5:30 pm:  Social time and set up for dinner

5:30- 6:15  Dinner

6:15  Carol Lewis’s Lighthouse Program will be followed by the annual meeting.


Please bring a dish to pass.  Main dish casseroles, salads, and desserts are needed.  Please call Terrilee at 223-4237 to let her know what you can bring.


II. Old Business


A.     There is a continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees.


B.     Marie Cornell, regarding the Hill’s building.  A letter was sent to the Ryckman family on February 17th to apologize for any misunderstanding between the family and the OMPHS.  The building is not for sale.  The Township has requested a meeting with the family asking for either repair or demolition of the building.


C.     Warren Berthelsen, regarding rewritten agreement with Park Commission.  Warren and Bob Rosi will be meeting soon with representative(s) of the Park Commission.


D.     The Chair will entertained a motion that “Money from the Hessler Log Cabin be allocated from the Log Cabin fund for the landscape plan.” The Motion was made by Bob Shermerhorn, and seconded by Dave Charlton. There was no discussion. The motion was unanimously approved.


III. New Business


A.     Use of expected gift from Old Mission Women’s Club.  On April 19 Bob Rosi accepted an award of $400 from the Old Mission Women’s Club and advised that there are two possibilities for lasting uses for the award: 1) Landscaping at Hessler Log Home; 2) An oral history project to record and preserve the oral history currently residing in the memory of many Old Mission Peninsula residents.

B.     Bob also announced the formation of an Oral History Committee, the nucleus of which is Penny Rosi and Ann Swaney, and whoever else desires to participate, to explore the feasibility and expense of an oral history project.  The committee is charged to report their results to the Board prior to the August 2nd regular meeting.


C.     At the Park Commission meeting, yesterday May 2, it was mentioned that Peninsula Township desires to have our insurance agent discuss with its insurance agent regarding insurance for crafters who wish to sell at Log Cabin Day.  Bob Rosi will contact our insurance carrier and furnish names to Township.


D.     The OMPHS Board  asked the membership if a fee should be charged to visitors at the Annual Meeting, June 7th.  A nominal fee of. $5 for non-members or guests attending the dinner preceding our annual meeting.

Jerry Ostlund made a motion “that we NOT charge a fee to visitors”.  Marty Klein seconded the motion.  Discussion: Set out a donation box for non-member, or members bring additional food for their guests.  The motion was unanimously approved.



The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Barbara Berthelsen




Attendance 5/3/2007


Paul and Jackie Burns

Anita and Marty Klein

Janice and Lawrence Thompson

Ann Swaney

Dr. Mark W. Holley

Bob Rudd

Grace Rudd

Marie Cornell

Nancy Hayward

Arlene Dean

Susan B. Feiger

Gill and Nancy Uithol

David and Marsha Whitestone

Patti Rudolph

Tom Maguire

Jerry Ostlund

Shirley Donovan

Hedy Quick

Jack and Vi Solomonson

Penny Paulley

Laura Johnson

Roger Dunlap

Warren and Barbara Berthelsen

Jane Sweet

Pat Wolf

Dave Charlton

Penny and Bob Rosi

Helen Pratt

Bob and Jo Panter

Jim Richards II

Cory and Heatherlyn Reamer

Carl and Evelyn Johnson

Cecilia Johnson

Dick and Carol Cutler

John DeVol

Billy Langley

Bob Dost

Lucille and Ted Bagley

Maggie Weaver

Edna Hutchinson

Tim Carroll

Bob and Flo Shermerhorn


June 7, 2007 5 PM


4007 Swaney Road


I. Social Time and Dinner:


II. Program Writer/historian Carol Lewis is presenting a program to the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society entitled “Sarah and John Lane, Lightkeepers of Mission Point Light, 1881-1906.  Sarah and John Lane worked together for 25 years as lighthouse keepers at the Old Mission lighthouse, formally known as the Mission Point Light.  For several years when her husband was ill, Sarah Lane completely took over the light keeping responsibilities.  Many photographs of the lighthouse from the archives of the Grand Traverse Heritage Center will be included in the program.


III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements


IV. Reports

A.  Minutes, JoAnn Cole

B.  Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen

C.  Dougherty Historic Home Site, Bill Cole / Bob Dean

These following will depend on whether chairs request time.


D.  Archives, Bob Schermerhorn

E.  Historian

F.  Hospitality, Annual Dinner

G.  Hospitality, Meetings

H.  Log Cabin

I.  Log Cabin Grounds, Barb Berthelsen

J.  Log Cabin Day:  Date is Sunday, June 24 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm


K.  Membership

L.  Newsletter/Web Site

M.  Nominating

N.  Program Committee,

O.  Publicity / Fund Raising Committee, Dave Charlton

P.  Tree Committee

Q.  Oral History Program Committee, Penny Rosi / Ann Swaney

V. Old Business

Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees


VI. New Business

A.  The Minutes for last month advised that the nominating committee, chaired by Jerry Ostlund,: recommended the followings slate of candidates:

            President Elect: Donna Hornberger

            Secretary: Anita Klein

Are the any additional nominations prior to our vote?

Vote on slate.

            B.  Other business

            C. Passing of the gavel


VII. Adjournment