I.  SOCIAL TIME:  Gladys Mcguire provided the refreshments for the evening and President Bob Rosi introduced our visitors Barb Wolff, Bev McCort, Marie Cornell and Jane Sweet.  President Rosi announced that Hessler Log Cabin t-shirts, visors, and aprons were available for purchase.


II.  PROGRAM:  Penny Rosi, Program Chairman, introduced the program for the evening.  Bob Russell and Sally Van Vleck, owners of the Neahtawanta Inn, presented a program in celebration of the Centennial Year of the Neahtawanta Inn (1906 - 2006).


III.  BUSINESS MEETING CALL TO ORDER AND ANNOUNCEMENTS:  The business meeting of the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society was called to order at the Peninsula Township Hall by President Bob Rosi at 8:00 p.m.


The announcements stand as follows;


·                     Congratulations to one of our own.  Evelyn Johnson recently received an Award of Merit for Self-Published Book from the Historical Society of Michigan for her book, "Barns Of Old Mission Peninsula and Their Stories".  There is a copy of the article in today's Record-Eagle that is posted on the Bulletin Board. 

·                     The Board decided to transmit all the proceeds of the Middle Eastern Dinner to the Peter Dougherty Society. 

·                     The Board decided that Warren Berthelsen, Treasurer and President Bob Rosi will contact Fred Stoye, President Township Park Board, to discuss items of mutual interest that relate to the Hessler Log Cabin.

·                     The Society thanks Anita Klein for her term as Chair of the Landscaping and Grounds Committee for the Hessler Log Cabin.  Action regarding the landscaping, Plan A, will be deferred until we have a new Chair.  Interested persons please contact President Bob Rosi.

·                     The Omena Historical Society announces the opening of Putnam-Cloud Tower House, Saturday, November 4, 2006 at 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  The invitation is posted on the bulletin board.

·                     A simple way to help the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy is to make purchases at a number of Traverse City stores.  The Conservancy will receive 11% of purchases that are made. See the Bulletin Board or log onto GRRLC.org.




      A.  SECRETARY’S REPORT: The  minutes of the November meeting were accepted as amended.  In IV. Reports: F. Log Cabin Day: Gary Johnson should read Guy Johnson;  IV.  Reports:  H.  Tree Committee:  Gettysburg Sycamore tree had been purchased by Denny Hooper and planted at the school by members of the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society; and in Written Report Submitted by Rebecca Nothstine, Steve Warne should read Nancy Warne.


      B.  TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen's report for October was accepted by the membership.


      C.  DOUGHERTY HISTORIC HOME SITE:  Bob Dean reported things are doing well.  Questionnaires were sent to 300 members and visitors to the Dougherty Historic Home Site.  Please return the completed questionnaire as soon as possible.


      D.  LOG CABIN COMMITTEE REPORT:  Patti Rudolph, Chairman, thanked all for the good support throughout the summer.  The cabin has been closed for the winter.


      E.  LOG CABIN DAY:  Terilee Johnson reported that Log Cabin Day in 2007 will be on June 24.  The committee is working on new ideas for next year, particularly regarding ideas for children.


        Fred Stoye, President of the Park Board, reported that the Park Board approved the plantings for the Hessler Log Cabin and will also help with the plantings.  Also, the Lighthouse Tower only will be open next year for Log Cabin Day.  Carol Lewis reported that on November 27th at 7:00 p.m she will do a presentation regarding her novel at the Peninsula Library.


      F.   PROGRAM COMMITTEE REPORT:  Penny Rosi, Chairman, reported that the program for the December meeting will be given by Jack Solmonson regarding the Peninsula Telephone Company that is celebrating its Centennial this year.  Don Shapton, chimney sweep and history buff will speak in January and Paul Raphael drummer, hunter and tracker will speak in February.




      A.  Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees. 


      B.  Gettysburg Sycamore Tree:  Bob Dean is working on the replacement of this tree at the Old Mission Peninsula School. 




      A.  Jerry Ostlund reported there will be a 2nd annual fundraiser for the Peter Dougherty Society in August, 2007.  It will again be held in Jerry's back yard under a tent.


      B.  The Board of the Society decided to discuss with the membership the idea of sending a letter to the Peninsula Township Board encouraging them to establish a Township Historical Preservation Commission per the Master Plan for the Peninsula.  The Township Historical Preservation Commission has been written in the Master Plan for the Peninsula Township and was rewritten in 2004.  President Rosi asked for a motion.  Paul Burns made the following motion:


      "The Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society will send a letter to the Peninsula Township Board stating that the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society encouages the Peninsula Township Board to establish an Historic Preservation Commission per the Master Plan for the Peninsula Township."


After a discussion, Steve Lewis made an amendment to the original motion as follows:


      "The Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society will send a letter to the Peninsula Township Board stating that the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society encourages the Peninsula Township Board to establish an Historic Preservation Commission per the Master Plan for the Peninsula Township and to proceed toward establishing an historic district on the peninsula."


Another discussion followed.  A vote was taken on the Amended Motion and the Amended Motion passed.  President Rosi will now draft a letter to the Peninsula Township Board.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,


Jackie Burns, Recording Secretary



Jack Solomonson     Mary Jo Lance           Cal Jamieson

Barbara Wolff       Marie Cornell           Beverly McCort

Bob and Arlene Dean     Lucile and Ted Bagley   Terilee Johnson

Patti Rudolph           Carol Prucha            Jerry L. Ostlund

Ann Swaney              Stephen and Carol Lewis Evelyn Johnson

Bob and Penny Rosi      Gladys Maguire          Hedy Quick

Bob & Flo Schermerhorn  Jane Sweet              Shirley Donovan

Jeannie Ahart           Barbara Rowlett





Agenda, December 7, 2006, 7 PM






I. Social Time:


II. Program  Jack Solomonson, Centennial in celebration of the Centennial Year of the Peninsula Telephone Company (1906 – 2006).  The program will include a demonstration of original equipment as well as first hand tales of the operation of the phone company.  Jack and his wife, Vi, have owned and operated the Peninsula Telephone Company since 1949.


III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements


Warren Berthelsen and Bob Rosi met on 11/10/2006 with Ward Johnson and Fred Stoye of the Parks Commission.


Several members of Historical Society traveled to Omena and attended the Putnam-Cloud-Tower open house.  Those attending were Carolyn Lewis, Anne Swaney, Penny and Bob Rosi..


Penny and Bob Rosi were unable to attend this meeting.  They are attending the Northwest Michigan Historic Network meeting in Leland, MI.

IV. Reports

A.  Minutes, JoAnn Cole

B.  Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen

C.  Dougherty Historic Home Site, Bill Cole / Bob Dean


V. Old Business

Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees,


            Warren Berthelsen report on meeting with Parks Commission, 11/10/2006.


VI. New Business

            A.  Jerry Ostlund


            B.  Other businsess


VII. Adjournment