MINUTES -- Thursday, November 5, 2009 7:00 p.m.

Peninsula Township Hall


I.              Social Time  Thanks to Patti Rudolph for the cookies!

 II.            7:00 Program -- (Introduction by Nancy Warne)  Marty Klein and Bill Cole gave a presentation on the reconstruction of the icehouse, the restoration of the outhouse, and construction of trails all on the grounds of the Dougherty House property.  A 30-minute video by Nancy Warne was shown , featuring the reconstruction process performed by the dedicated volunteers from June through November of 2008.

 III.        Business Meeting:

 President Nancy Warne called the meeting to order after the conclusion of the program.

 Announcements.   None.                                                    

 Member News:  Joys & Concerns.  None.

 Community News.  None.

 Mail.  None.

 IV.       Monthly Reports:                                                                                             

Approval of October minutes.  JoAnn Cole made a motion to approve the October minutes.  Steve Lewis & Cal Jamieson seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved.

 Nancy gave special recognition to Marty Klein and Bill Cole and special thanks to Marty  for his expertise and supervising the volunteer work crew in the reconstruction of the Dougherty House.

 Bill Cole thanked Patti Rudolph for making the cookies every day for the workers.

 Treasurer's Report.  Warren Berthelsen, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's Report.  There are now 70-72 members.

 Update on Christmas Party.  At the request of  Donna Hornberger, Laura Johnson reported on the Christmas Party arrangements.

 The Christmas Party will be held Thursday, December 3, 2009 at the American Legion Hall in Old Mission.  Doors open at 5:30 PM, dinner is at 6:30 PM.  Bring a dish to pass, and bring plates and silverware.  Coffee and punch will be served, and cups will be provided.

 For the program, Al and Joan Bonney will lead us in song!

 Committee Reports.

 Archival Report.  None.

 Log Cabin.  The Hessler Log cabin was closed on October 10.  Bob Dean participated in the closing and reported it went very efficiently.  The shutters made by Carl Johnson are working wonderfully.  Easily installed over the windows, it is no longer necessary to move all the items inside up into the loft for the winter.

 Since Paul Burns has stepped down as Log Cabin Committee Chair, a new person is needed, at least by spring.

 Cal Jamieson noted that the lighthouse keepers open and close the log cabin on a daily basis during the season.  Also, there has been diamond dust placed on the walkways that now extend all around the cabin.

 Historian.  None.

 Hospitality.  None.

 Membership.  None.

 Newsletter/Website.  Steve Lewis reported the next newsletter is in production and will be issued as early as next week.  Subjects covered include Dick Bassett of Bassett Island, the tree project, barn quilt blocks, the Dougherty House, and others.  This issue will be 8 pages, and in color.

 The website includes all past newsletters, agendas, minutes, and a membership form.

 Nominating.  None.  [Still need a Secretary, though.]

 Oral History.  None.

 Photography.  None.

 Program.  None.

 Publicity/ Fund Raising.  None.

 Tree Committee.  The good work of the Tree Committee was covered in a recent Record-Eagle article. 

 Cal Jamieson reported the recent tree planting was a real success.  Bob Dean arranged for two Scout troops - from St. Francis and the Congregational Church - to help plant.  Forty-six trees were planted in 2-3 hours!

 Many trees were planted as replacements this fall.  Next year will have many new plantings.  Memorial trees are still available for $50.00 each.

 Approval has been granted for planting trees along the road at the new Center Road Park.

 Other Reports.

 Report from Peter Dougherty Society.  None.

 Report from the Lighthouse.  Fred Stoye reported the Mission Point Light closed November 1 for the season.  12,000 people went through this year - 3,000 more than last year.

 Work on the catwalk revealed additional leaks and dry rot which are being addressed. 

 Those who would like to be a winter resident at the lighthouse please contact someone on the Park Commission.

 There will be improvements in displays for next year, continuation of a wedding program, and possibly an enlarged picnic area behind the lighthouse in the former parking lot area.  The new parking lot is functioning well and provides three times as many parking spaces.  Long term plans are to make the whole lighthouse into a museum.  The gift shop opened this year for the first time and moneys from this are used for improvements of the lighthouse only.


V.  Old Business.  None.

VI.  New Business.  Bill Cole reported that a while back, there was a feature presentation on the Dougherty House done by TV 7&4.  From this, Howard Duncan, grand-nephew by marriage to Anna Dougherty Howard, youngest daughter of Peter Dougherty, contacted the PDS and donated 8 wood planes of Peter Dougherty. 

 When Howard Duncan was 8 years old, he attended the Old Mission Centennial of 1939 whereby the Log Church had been built to commemorate the event.  Howard Duncan also donated mementoes of this event - a photo of the Log Church, a photo of Anna Dougherty Howard and Ruth Craker, a program, and an article from The Cherry Review.

 Bill Cole brought a copy of these documents to the meeting.  He recommended that the Board undertake a discussion and if, interested, develop a plan for displaying the artifacts in the Log Church.  This plan would then be brought before the membership for discussion and vote.  Steve Lewis borrowed the copies to scan to put on the OMPHS newsletter/website, where after they will be returned to Bill Cole so they will be available for display in the Log Church. 

Steve Lewis recommended that the OMPHS open a PayPal account for the website.  In this way, people could pay their dues online as well as make donations.  There is only a nominal fee and only for a transaction.  The Board will take a look at this. 

Bill Cole noted that the OMPHS has been fortunate to be able to borrow a projector from Barb and Warren Berthelsen when needed.  However, the OMPHS Board should consider looking into buying one for our own.  Bill made the motion to look into buying a projector, Laura Johnson seconded it.  Motion passed.


Nancy Warne noted that the OMPHS should look into buying a recorder for the minutes, since we are borrowing them now.  Nancy made a motion to look into buying a recorder.  Bill Cole seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


VII. Adjournment.  There was a consensus to adjourn.  Meeting was adjourned.





Nancy Warne

Laura Johnson

Marty Klein

Stephen & Carol Lewis

Patti Rudolph

Frank Schaible

Jerry L. Ostlund

Cal Jamieson

Fred Stoye

Dave Warne

Hedy Quick

Pat Wolf

Wm. & Gretchen Soutear

Arlene & Bob Dean

JoAnn & Bill Cole

E. Timothy Carroll

Tom Maguire

W.G. Moizing

Jim & Judy Hall 

Minutes by Laura Johnson