Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society
November 1, 2007 – 7:00 pm
Peninsula Township Town Hall


I.    Social Time:  Arlene & Bob Dean

II.    Program:  Stef Staley, Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse, will present “Days Gone By” – Grand Traverse Lighthouse, as well as a brief summary and educational program of the Grand Traverse area lights.

III.    Business Meeting:
A.    Meeting called to order.
B.    Announcements
1.    As always, new membership forms may be picked up from chairman Ann Marie Grenadier, directly at our meeting or by a written request to the following address;

P.O. Box 115
Old Mission, MI 49673
Please indicate “Old Mission Membership Form” and your return address.

2.    Joys and concerns among members.
3.    Community news.

IV.    Monthly Reports:
A.    October Minutes – Anita Klein
1.    Motion to approve
2.    Seconded
B.    Treasures Report – Warren Berthelsen
1.    Motion to approve
2.    Seconded
C.    Any Committee Reports to be given.

V.    Old Business:
A.    Update:  Potluck Dinner
1.    Date:  December 6th.
2.    Bring a dish to pass.
3.    No place settings required – will be furnished.
4.    Two meats will be provided – sliced turkey (Jerry Ostlund) and sliced ham ( Shirley Donovan).
5.    Time:  6:00 – 7:00 pm.  Doors open at 5:30 pm.  Program will start at 7:00 pm.
6.    Business meeting to follow with approval of November Minutes and Treasurer’s Report.
7.    Christmas sing along with lead singer, Al Bonney, accompanied
      by Joan Bonney at the piano.
<>B.    Update:  Duties and responsibilities for the Hessler Log Cabin will be       completed this month.
C.    Update:  Laura Johnson and Fred Stoye will update us on any Lighthouse changes.

VI.    New Business:
A.    New Book for the OMPHS will come out in Summer 2008 and to be supported by the “Walter Johnson Memorial Fund”.  Carol Lewis will     
      make her presentation with our Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen.

Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society
October 4, 2007 - 7:00 pm
Peninsula, Township Town Hall

October 07 Minutes

I.  Social Time

II.    Program:  Our scheduled music program with Al Bonney was canceled due to illness.  It has been rescheduled for our February meeting.

III.  Business Meeting:
    A.  Meeting was called to order at 7:17 p.m.
    B.  Announcements:
        1.  Jacky Burns announced the lineup of our upcoming programs.
a.    November - Stef Staley, Executive Director of the Grand Traverse Lighthouse will present "Days Gone By" an
                         educational program on the lighthouse.
b.    December - Sheryl Hayward, Executive Director of the City Opera House will present a program on the current
                  happenings and history of the City Opera House.
c.    January - Old plat maps and the history of the Kroupa Family will be presented.
d.  February - Music program with Al Bonney.
e.  March - Program on surreys with Don Sharpton.
f.  April, May and June are still in the works.
        2.   New membership forms are available at our meetings or by contacting Chairman Ann Marie Grenadier directly.
        3.  Joys or concerns:
            a.    Lucile Bagley was celebrating her Birthday (everyone  sang Happy Birthday).
            b.    Nancy Warne reported that the Public Library is currently  showing a display on the Dougherty House.  The display
                  was put together by Nancy and her husband David.  Everyone should stop in and have a look!
        4.  Community news:
            a.    Cal Jamieson will be planting trees on Saturday at 9:00  am.  All volunteers should meet at the Catholic  Cemetery.
 III.  Monthly Reports:
    A.    September Minutes - Barb Berthelsen/Anita Klein.  The minutes of the  September meeting were approved as written and accepted.
    B.    Treasurer's Report - Warren Berthelsen.  Warren distributed the  August report and answered questions.  Report was approved and accepted.
IV.  Old Business:
    A.  Update:  "Scenic Highway" - Penny Rosi was absent so no report.
    B.    Update:  Lighthouse/ Park - Fred Stoye reported in Laura Johnson's absence.  We eventually want to open the Lighthouse to the public
     year around.  We think it will take about $85,000 to get it started and we may start with it only being opened on certain days.  We hope to
     have a couple of rooms for displays and a gift shop.  We are also looking into a program where people pay to live in the lighthouse. This would help with costs and security.
    C.    Update:  Duties and Responsibilities for the "Hessler Log Cabin" –   Paul Burns reported that a rough draft has been completed and   will be typed, after it is reviewed it will be sent to theTownship.
    D.    Update:  Development of a new newsletter to be attached to the  minutes each month - Warren Berthelsen.  Warren reports
          that no one volunteered to help with this project so it is on hold for now.
V.  Committee Reports
    A.    Archives, Ann Swaney:  Ann reports that once a month the state archives of the state of Michigan sends out a image on their  web site and this month it was apple pickers on Old Mission.   
     B.    Dougherty Home Site, Bob Dean:  Bob reminds everyone that they  should have received an update in the Township Newsletter.
        Marty Klein reports that an old Ice House from the Dougherty Site era  has been donated to the Dougherty Society.  The building  is 14' x 18' and should fit on the existing ice house foundation at the Dougherty site.  Plans are in the works to dismantle the  building and move it to the site within the next week.
     C.  Historian, Bob Rosi:  No report.
      D.    Log Cabin, Patti Rudolph:  Closing of the log cabin is October 13th at 1:00 pm.  Everyone who volunteered should meet at the cabin.  A work   day is set for Sunday, October 14th at 1:00 pm.  We have a lot to accomplish that day so be sure to come.
        1.    Shutters, Carl Johnson:  Carl reports that the shutters will consist of three rough sawn boards with a cross board at the
      top and bottom.  They will sit on the sill and be secured with
      fasteners.  They should be ready for Sunday.
    E.  Log Cabin grounds, Barb Berthelsen:  No report
    F.  Membership, Ann Marie Grenadier:  No report
    G.  Photographer, Tom Maguire:  On vacation, no report.
    H.    Tree Committee, Rebecca Nothstine:  $550 has been donated to the  tree fund by the following people;  Patricia Sharpneck $200,   Nancy Bryant $100, Theresa Nesvacil $50, Gloria McClay $50, Phylis Montague $50, and Ann Smith $100.  Rebecca also reports that she is working with Bob Dean to produce a map with the GPS coordinates for every tree.  This will include the type of tree, when it was planted, ho it was given by and if it is a memorial tree.  Cal and his helpers will be planting 25 trees on Saturday.
VI.  New Business:
    A.    Carol Lewis will make a presentation on her new book about the  history of Old Mission at the November meeting
    B.    A potluck dinner is being planned for the December meeting.
      Everyone should bring a dish to pass and we will only have a  short meeting.  Al Bonney will conduct a Christmas sing along           and  Santa may pay a visit
    C.    Fred Stoye reports that the Park Board would like us to consider  oving one of the donation boxes located at the Log Cabin to the  Log Church.  It was decided to get back to them in November.
    D.    Bob Schermerhorn made a motion to please have all speakers move to the front and use the microphone.  The motion was seconded
          by Anita Klein and passed.

VII.  Adjournment 8:00 pm.


Anita & Marty Klein            Lee & Donna Hornberger   
Flo & Bob Schermerhorn      Jacki & Paul Burns       
Tom & Gladys Maguire        Warren & Barb Berthelsen
Donald Rettelle                       Pat Wolf                   
Hedy Quick                           Bob & Arlene Dean   
Cal Jamieson                         Fred Stoye 
Bill & JoAnn cole                   Carl Johnson   
Marie Cornell                        Nancy Warne 
Michael Kilmury                     Lucile & Ted Bagley       
Leo & Rebecca Nothstine      Char McClintuck