I. SOCIAL TIME: Shirley Donovan provided the refreshments for the evening and President Bob Rosi introduced our visitors Mary Lyon, Nancy Warne, John Hall, Jane Hall and Norman Bryant. President Rosi announced that Hessler Log Cabin t-shirts, visors and aprons were available for purchase.

II. PROGRAM: Penny Rosi, Program Chairman, introduced the program for the evening. "The Bob DeVol Story" a taped interview with Robert DeVol, Proprietor of the Old Mission Supermarket, "Lardie's Store" in Old Mission for over 25 years. The interview was recorded on September 1987 and features reminiscences by Bob (affectionately known as the mayor of Old Mission) prepared by A.D. VanMeter

III. BUSINESS MEETING CALL TO ORDER AND ANNOUNCEMENTS: The business meeting of the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society was called to order at the Peninsula Township Hall by President Bob Rosi at 8:05 p.m.

The announcements stand as follows;

Encourage members to attend so that we can resolve our "quorum issue".

Historical Society commends its members and others who participated in a very successful Middle Eastern Dinner on September 9th.

Make dues payment to Warren Berthelsen.

Volunteers needed for tree planting this Saturday.


A. SECRETARY’S REPORT: The minutes of the September meeting were approved as corrected. Corrections were noted by President Rosi on page 2 of the minutes; Devol should read DeVol, 15% should read 25%, and unanamously should read unanimously.

B. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen's report for September was accepted by the membership.

C. DOUGHERTY HISTORIC HOME SITE: Paul Burns reported that he and Pat Wolf completed the work of making sure every ticket is matched to the shipping manifest. Dan LaBlond worked with Paul to match every photo to a ticket. The last job is to put all the ticket numbers, descriptions, estimated values, and photos into one computer file.

D. LOG CABIN COMMITTEE REPORT: Patti Rudolph, Chairman, thanked all for the good support throughout the summer. A signup sheet was then passed around to signup for helping to close the cabin for the winter. This event will be on October 15, 2006 at 1:00 p.m.

E. LOG CABIN GROUNDS: Anita Klein, Chairman, reported on the committee's meeting with the Park Board. Penny Rosi made a motion, and Paul Burns seconded the motion, that the Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society approves of Plan A for the landscaping of the Hessler Log Cabin. After a discussion the motion was carried unanimously. JoAnn Cole, Secretary, will send a letter to the Peninsula Township Park Board stating our approval of Plan A..

F. LOG CABIN DAY: Carol Lewis reported that the Log Cabin Day planning committee will be meeting in October to plan Log Cabin Day for next year. Carol also made a report regarding a history of Mapleton that her uncle, Gary Johnson, is compiling.

G. PROGRAM COMMITTEE REPORT: Penny Rosi, Chairman, reported that the program for the November meeting will be a presentation about the Neahtawanta Inn to be given by Bob Russell and Sally Van Vleck, owners of Neahtawanta Inn. The Inn is celebrating its Centential year. In December the program will be given by Jack Solomonson regarding the Peninsula Telephone Company that is celebrating its Centennial this year also.

H. TREE COMMITTEE: Rebecca Nothstine, chairman, reported that on October 7, 2006 at 9:00 a.m. all are welcome to help plant thirty trees. Bring a shovel and meet at the intersection of Swaney Road and Center Road. For the beauty and health of the Peninsula, approximately 200 trees have been planted. These trees are replacing trees that had been planted in 1876.

A Gettysburg Sycamore tree that had been bought and planted at the school by the Old Mission Peninsula School students has been cut down. Bob Dean volunteered to contact the school as to how the purchasing and planting of a replacement of that tree will be handled.


A. Continuing need for volunteers on all standing committees.

B. Membership numbers and validity of last month's votes. Last month's votes amending the bylaws in order that 15% of membership constitutes a quorum and adopting the logo for the Historical Society are valid.  Twenty-seven paid members who voted constituted a quorum under previous bylaws.  There are now fifty-four memberships in the society; some have multiple members such as a family membership.

C. Budget for 2006-2007: Warren Berthelsen presented the budget for the year. Paul Burns noted that the Dougherty House Alarm System item of $528.00 under Expenses should be deleted. The cost of dues and when they are payable was discussed and it was indicated that the Board will discuss these issues.

VI. NEW BUSINESS: President Rosi asked for New Business and Other Business. There was none noted at this time; therefore Paul Burns moved to adjourn the meeting and Shirley Donovan seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jackie Burns, Recording Secretary




Written Report Submitted by Rebecca Nothstine


On October 7, Bill Cole and Cal Jamieson delivered planting stock to the places where each tree was to be planted.  One group of volunteers started at the north plantings on M-37 and worked south filling in where trees had died or were missing.  Another team started on M-37 near Carroll Road and worked north.

Thirty-three sugar maple saplings were planted.  Thirteen staked name plates were placed at designated Memorial Trees.

Volunteers who worked were:  Dave and Jody Charlton, Elmer Jamieson, Anita and Marty Cline, Steve Warne, Chuck and Julianne Meyer, Nancy Buant, Jim Nothstine, Bill Nothstine, Tim Carroll and Dave Burkey.  Also working were committee members, Bill Cole, Steve Lewis, Cal Jamieson, Bob Dean, Patty Rudolf, Leo and Rebecca Nothstine.  Two new name plates were ordered.

Respectively submitted, 


Leo and Rebecca





Verla & Cal Jamieson                Nancy Warne                               Rebecca & Leo Nothstine

Carolyn & Steve Lewis               Donna Hornberger                      Carol Prucha

Barb Rowlett                                Logan Schlipf                              Pat Wolf (guest)

Jane Sweet (guest)                     Hedy Quick                                  John & Jane Hall(guests)

Mary Lyon (guest)                       Gini Browne                                 Flo Schermerhorn

Norman Bryant (guest)               Patti Rudolph                               Bill & JoAnn Cole

Jerry Ostlund                                Shirley Donovan                          Jackie & Paul Burns

Tim Carroll                                   Tom Maguire                               Penny Paulley

Joe Field                                      Nancy Hayward                           Anita & Marty Klein




November 2, 2006, 7 PM






I. Social Time:


II. Program:  Bob Russell and Sally VanVleck will present a program in celebration of the Centennial Year of the Neahtawanta Inn (1906-2006).  The program will include photographs and documents as well as tales of the operation of this historic inn.  Bob and Sally are the owners of the Neahtawanta Inn located in the Bowers Harbor area of the Old Mission Peninsula.


III. Business Meeting Call to Order and Announcements



IV. Reports

A.  Minutes, JoAnn Cole

B.  Treasurer, Warren Berthelsen

C.  Dougherty Historic Home Site,  Bill Cole / Bob Dean

D.  Log Cabin, Patti Rudolph

E.  Log Cabin Grounds, Anita Klein

F.  Log Cabin Day, Heatherlyn Reamer

G.  Program Committee, Penny Rosi

H.  Tree Committee, Rebecca Nothstine


V. Old Business


VI. New Business

            A.  Other business


VII. Adjournment