AGENDA -- Thursday, October 1, 2009 – 7:00 p.m.

Peninsula Township Town Hall


I.              Social Time


7:00 Program --  (Program Chair, Donna Hornberger).  The program will be a presentation by Vicki Shurly, Director of the Peninsula Community Library.  She will speak about the history and stories of library service on Old Mission Peninsula.  Libraries have been a part of life on Old Mission Peninsula since 1859 when the people of Peninsula Township voted to form a library that was at first housed in a private home.


II.         Business Meeting:


A.   Meeting called to order

B.   Announcements


1.       New membership forms may be picked up from President, Treasurer, or Membership Chairman at meeting or by a written request to the following address.  (Please indicate “Old Mission Membership Form” and your return address).  



                                    P.O. Box 115

                                    Old Mission, Mi 49673


                                Have you paid your dues for the upcoming year (must be paid by the end of October  or your membership will be dropped)?  [Student $5; Individual $10; Family $15; Business $25]


2.      Joys and concerns among members

3.      Community news

4.      Mail


IV.       Monthly Reports:


A.   Approval of minutes of the September meeting

B.   Treasurer’s report

C.   Committee Reports as necessary


1.    Archives

2.    H. Log Cabin

3.    Historian

4.    Hospitality

5.    Membership

6.    Newsletter/Website

7.    Nominating

8.    Oral History

9.    Photography

10. Program

11. Publicity/Fund Raising.

12. Tree Committee


D.   Report from Peter Dougherty Society -

E.   Lighthouse report


V.           Old Business

VI.       New Business

VII.      Adjournment                                               


MINUTES -- Thursday, September 3, 2009 – 7:00 p.m.

Peninsula Township Hall



I.              Social Time


II.            7:00 Program -- (Introduction by Program Chair, Donna Hornberger)  The program was a presentation by Historic Foodways Specialist Susan Odom on Nineteenth Century style food preservation.  Susan Odom is a specialist in Nineteenth Century American Foodways and farm life. http://www.allaboutfoodways.com.


III.        Business Meeting:


President Nancy Warne called the meeting to order at 8:07 PM.


Announcements.  Nancy reminded members to have their dues paid by October to avoid having their names removed from the mailing list.


[The following information has been included in these minutes for members' reference:


Have you paid your dues for the upcoming year ?  (Dues must be paid by October  or your membership will be dropped.) 


Student $5; Individual $10; Family $15; Business $25


New membership forms may be picked up from President, Treasurer, or Membership Chairman at meeting or by a written request to the following address.  (Please indicate “Old Mission Membership Form” and your return address).  



            P.O. Box 115

            Old Mission, Mi 49673                                                                                                              ]



Member News:  Joys & Concerns.  It was reported that member Shirley Donovan is recovering from a fall.  Cards and letters can be sent to the Pavillions, Aspen, Room 120. 


Jackie Burns is recovering from injuries from a fall and is driving again.  Leo & Rebecca Nordstine have made recoveries and are back in Florida.


Community News.  Donna Hornberger announced the Peninsula Community Library picnic on September 13.  She has made a quilt for the auction and encouraged members attend.


Penny Rosi gave an update on the Phragmites issue.  The invasive shoreline plants will be erradicated with costs and funding still being determined.  Donations can be made to the Phragmite Fund at Peninsula Township.  A couple groups have made donations already.


Mail.  None.



IV.       Monthly Reports:


Approval of August minutes.  JoAnn Cole made a motion to approve the August minutes.  Bob Rosi noted that "senses", on the bottom of page 2, should be changed to "census."  Ann Swaney seconded the motion.  Nancy asked if all in favor - consensus was yes.


Treasurer's Report.  Warren Berthelsen, Treasurer, had had to leave early.  The report was reviewed.  (Later in the meeting, a motion by Anita was made to file the report.)


Nancy noted we are buying a cabinet for archival items.  Ann Swaney explained and as she did so it was decided she would just continue on with the Archival Report. 



Committee Reports.


Archival Report.  The archival items currently are stored in the basement of the Township Office building and are subject to dust and dirt, especially since there is office construction going on.  The archival items are stored on metal shelving units.  The Dougherty House items are stored the same way.  Ann is looking for units with glass doors and wheels, since in order to use, the units could be rolled to areas of the basement where there is light and there are tables to work on.   Another important consideration is to be able to lock the cabinets.


Ann is planning to spend one Tuesday a month indexing the items in the archives.


Log Cabin.  No report.


Historian.  No report.


Hospitality.  Volunteers are needed to bring refreshments for Feb, Mar., Apr., and Aug. 2010.  Please contact Nancy or sign up at the next meeting.


Membership.  None.


Newsletter/Website.  No report.  Nancy Warne reported Steve Lewis had said the photos from Log Cabin Day 2009 were on the website.


Nominating.  Nancy recounted that we are still in desparate need of a Secretary.  Duties could be shared with another person.


Oral History.  No Report.


Photography.  No Report.


Program.  Donna Hornberger reports that Vicki Shurly will present the History of the Peninsula Library at the October 1 meeting.


There was a consensus to have a Christmas party in December at the Legion Hall.


Publicity/ Fund Raising.  None. 


Tree Committee.  Cal Jamieson said there will be a tree planting in November.  There are 32 trees to plant.  The Boy Scouts may be involved in the planting.



Other Reports.


Report from Peter Dougherty Society.  Marty Klein reported that the PDS is working like mad on the outhouse!  The 3-holer is now upright and being restored.


Bill Cole reported the walking trails are open.  On September 8& 9, more chips will be added to the trails.  It is a half-mile trek, and the most convenient place to start is at the bridge on the north end.  The Michigan Works! group will be out for four days to work on the trails.  At some time, geocaching will be available.


Around $7,000 was raised during the fundraiser for the Dougherty House.  Good 50's music, dancing, food,and good times were had by all.


Report from the Lighthouse.  Penny Rosi reported a great turnout as of the end of August, even more than last year.  However, only 300 people used the coupon (voucher) for free admission sent out by the Township.  The gift shop is in operation.


V.  Old Business. 

Need Secretary.


VI.  New Business.

Need Secretary.


Nancy Warne said the board will be discussing new projects.


VII.  Adjournment.  Donna Hornberger moved to adjourn.  Bill Cole seconded the motion.





Anita & Marty Klein

Nancy Warne

Laura Johnson

Chris Schlueter

Donna M. Gerhard

Tom & Charla Kramer

Bob & Penny Rosi

Carol Lewis

Mary Johnson

Cal & Verla Jamieson

Ann Swaney

Bill & JoAnn Cole

Hedy Quick

Martha Myers

Mary Schultz

Martha Jamieson

Jody & Dave Charlton

Donna Hornberger


Minutes by Laura Johnson