Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

September 6, 20077:00 pm

Peninsula, Township Town Hall



              I.      Social Time


           II.      Program:  Dr. Mark Holley presented a talk about research on the original dock of Old Mission.  This dock served the original settlement and the Old Mission store (according to local history, the original store was dragged up the hill to the present location).  The original dock served Old Mission from the late 1840’s to the early 1850’s. He showed underwater pictures from the explorations at Old Mission dock and the Metropolis.


         III.      Business Meeting:

A.     Meeting call to order at 8:10 p.m.

B.     Announcements

1.      New membership forms may be picked up from Chairman Ann Marie Grenadier directly or send a written request to the following address;


P.O. Box 115

Old Mission, MI 49673

Please indicate “Old Mission Membership Form” and your return address.

2.      Joys or concerns among members. None expressed

3.      Any new community news: Cal Jamison- The Pig Roast was well attended and raised over $1000 for the Legion.


        IV.      Monthly Reports:

A.     August Minutes – Anita Klein. The minutes of the July meeting were approved as written and accepted. Barb Berthelsen is taking the minutes for Anita who is out of town.

B.     Treasurer’s Report – Warren Berthelsen (June/August). Warren distributed the report and answered questions.  Reports were approved and accepted.

C.     Committee Reports

1.      Archives, Ann Swaney: Please let her know if you have artifacts to contribute. She is inventorying the collection to determine what we have (documents, records, etc).

2.      Dougherty Home Site, Bob Dean:  The archaeological dig is complete and their report will be coming.  Marty Klein has completed a structural analysis and initial plan for the Dougherty House.  Jerry Ostlund reported on the August Irish fundraiser. Approx $8000 was raised.

3.      Historian, Bob Rosi: Committee will be meeting soon.

4.      Hospitality, Terilee Johnson:  No report.

5.      Log Cabin, Patti Rudolph:  Patti is absent. Her committee met in August at the Log Cabin. Laura Johnson reports that she is planning a workday and seasonal closing of the log cabin on October 13 and 14.  She is looking for volunteers

6.      Nominating Committee: Barb Berthelsen and Laura Johnson:  No report.

7.      Program, Jackie Burns:  Al Bonney will do a sing-a-long and history presentation at the October meeting.


8.      Tree Committee, Rebecca Nothstine.  Bob Dean reported for Becky. The tree committee will have a meeting at her house on Sept 20th.  On October 6th trees will be planted.  Cal was thanked for his efforts in keeping the trees watered this summer.


           V.      Old Business:

A.     Further update:  Oral History/Workshop held on August 8th, 2007 at the Traverse City Heritage Center – Penny Rosi.  The Workshop was attended by Jackie Burns, Dave Charlton, Ann Marie Grenadier, Anita Klein, Bob and Penny Rosi.  We met with Patti DeAgostino, Director of the Heritage Center and our trainers were Ann Magoun and Nancy Doughty of the Wonen’s History Project of NWM.   We explored techniques and procedures for taping interviews utilizing the handbook provided by the Wonen’s History Project.  Equipment that will be needed for interviews include; a voice activated cassette recorder, table top multi-directional microphone, 60 minutes tapes, batteries, extension cord, equipment case and optional camera.   Decisions must be made on how to transcribe the interviews, who should we interview first, and what forms should we require.  We also need to develop a list of questions to be asked, decide what time span should be included and what topics should be covered.  Time span could be the Great Depression era, War Years or even pioneer days in some cases.  Topics could include farming practices, road construction, hunting/fishing, schooling/schools, migrant labor, social life, farm buildings, community businesses, resort life, or churches (and the list goes on).  Penny states that it was decided to start by interviewing members of the OMPHS.  Penny also read of list of women who have already been interviewed.

B.     Further update:  Hessler Log Cabin Landscaping – Barb Berthelsen. The landscaping was completed in July. A special thank you to Marty and Anita Klein and Patti Rudolph for the handmade stepping-stones in front of the door and windows. They also sifted all the sand from the stones around the foundation.  More diamond dust may be needed in the spring and could be extended around the cabin to the viewing area.

C.     Further update:  Bob Rosi and Warren Berthelsen met with Fred Stoye regarding updating the duties and responsibilities for the “Hessler Log Cabin” and to re-structure the previous document signed by Velma Austin, President of the OMPHS in 1997, and Jim Horton, Chairman, Peninsula Township Board.  The old agreement was signed in 1997.  The committee will meet again this next week and work out final details and will present the proposed new agreement in October.


        VI.      New Business:

A.     Membership, Ann Marie Grenadier  Ann Marie expressed concern about the number of families that have not yet renewed.  Renewals are due at the June meeting and there are still 22 individuals who have not yet renewed. She suggested a program be developed to try and increase our current membership: Publicity is needed to increase awareness of the OMPHS. Suggestions she made were a poster, cookbook, 2008 calendar, and a bring a friend to a meeting campaign. These are all activities being done by the Leelanau Historical Society to increase membership

B.     Development of a new newsletter to be attached to the minutes each

month – Warren Berthelsen.  Warren suggested a short attachment with the minutes that gives more information about current and future programs or other activities with some pictures to keep people involved with the activities of the members.

C.     Light House/ Parks Update, Laura Johnson: Monday, September 10, at 8:30, there will be a Township meeting at the Township Hall to discuss the new Grounds Position.  Tuesday night, September 11 there will be a public meeting at the Township Hall regarding the Park Board’s proposal to open the lighthouse to the public. Both meetings are extremely important for the future of the Peninsula Park system and attendance at the meetings to give feedback is strongly encouraged.  Fred Stoye, reported that the consensus of the AdHoc Light House committee is that a gift shop will be required to generate enough income to keep the lighthouse open.  A seasonal employee would be necessary to manage the lighthouse activities. The AdHoc committee feels that onsite security is necessary.  Penni Rosi, voiced a question that the Township Board will address: “ Is it appropriate to have the Lighthouse open to the public?”  There are many issues to consider and she hopes that many people will attend the meeting.


Special thanks to Shirley Donovan for the refreshments


     VII.   Adjournment 9:00



Jackie & Paul Burns                 Barb & Warren Berthelsen       Heatherlyn Reamer

Terilee Johnson             Carol Lewis                              Laura Johnson

Mary Louise Johnson                Jerry Ostlund                            Cozette Varg

Bill & JoAnn Cole                    Penny & Bob Rosi                    Arlene Dean

Evelyn Johnson             Ann & Gerry Swaney               Nancy Warne

Tim Carroll                               Cal Jamiesen                            Gladys & Tom Maquire

Connie Sargent             Donald Pratt                             Marie Cornell

Logan Schlips                           Emmalyn Reamer                      Ann Marie Grenadier

26 guests were also in attendance.