Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

September 4, 2008 -7:00 pm

Peninsula Township Town Hall




I.                    Social Time: 


II.                 Program:  Our speaker, George McManus, author of “A Boy from Archie” will talk about his book.  This should be a very interesting program. 


III.               Business Meeting:

A.     Meeting called to order.

B.     Announcements & Community News


IV.              Monthly Reports:

A.     August Minutes – Anita Klein

B.     August Treasurer’s Report- Warren Berthelsen

C.     Committee Reports


V.                 Old Business:


VI.              New Business:


VII.            Adjournment:




Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

August 7, 2008 – 7:00 pm

Peninsula, Township Town Hall




       I.      Social Time:  Many thanks to Arlene Dean for providing the refreshments.


    II.      Program:  Diane Abbott, author of “Honor Unbound” presented a behind the scenes view of writing her book.


 III.      Business Meeting:

A.    Meeting called to order at 7:55 pm.

1.      A sign up sheet was passed for providing refreshments for

      upcoming meetings.  Donna Hornberger will provide coffee and



B.     June Minutes – Anita Klein

1.      Motion to approve – Bob Schermerhorn

2.      Seconded – Dave Charlton

C.     June Treasurer’s Report – Warren Berthelsen:  Warren reports that we made $400 less than last year for Log Cabin Days.  This could be because we charged $4 not $5 for Lighthouse tours.  We had an increase of $30 over last year in the donation box.

1.       Motion to approve – Mary Johnson

2.      Seconded – Bob Dean


 IV.       Committee Reports:

A.    Dougherty Home Site – Bill Cole/Marty Klein:  Bill asked if everyone saw the article about the Icehouse in Wednesday’s Record Eagle?  The electrician comes tomorrow to do the wiring.  Jeff the carpenter was there last Thursday with a crane to help install the roof and it’s looking like a gigantic building.  The cedar roofing shingles should go on in the next week or two.  Nancy Finegood was here last week for her annual audit and she reports that everything is looking good.  There are still 14 tickets left for the Dougherty House Annual Fund Raiser (Roundup).  The Roundup will be August 9th from 5:30 to 9:00 pm.  This year we will have a barbecue dinner catered by Sladak’s along with beer and wine.  There will also be dancing, entertainment, and live & silent auctions.  Tickets are $40.  Western attire is encouraged.  This should be a great time!


Volunteers are still needed to help with the reconstruction of the Icehouse.  You can contact Marty at 231-223-4044.

B.     Log Cabin Day- Heatherlyn Reamer:  Heatherlyn reports that Log

     Cabin Day was a success.  It was a beautiful day with a good turnout.

     Thanks to everyone who helped to make it great!


C.     Hessler Log Cabin – Cal Jamieson:  Cal reports that a half gallon of cleaner was used on the roof to try and remove the moss that has accumulated.  Another full day of work will be needed to complete the job.  We will set up a day when Paul Burns gets back in town.  We will need help!  Please contact Paul at 231-223-7699.


D.    Tree Committee – Cal Jamieson:  Cal reports that he will be taking over

      the Chairmanship of the Tree Committee from Rebecca Nothstine.  We

      want to thank her for all the wonderful work she has done.  Thanks to her

      good work, the beautiful trees along our roads will always be an

      inspiration to everyone that drives our peninsula!  Cal is planning a

      watering and weed spraying day for next week.  Volunteers are needed.


E.     Lighthouse – Fred Stoye:  Fred reports that 4900 people have toured the

Lighthouse since it opened and he reminds us that tours are free to residents until next spring.  We are still working toward opening a gift shop and if you support this idea if would be helpful if you could please send a letter of support to the Township Board.  We do have a grant to help with restoration of the tower.  The Lighthouse Keepers program is working well but we are looking for keepers for the months of September and October.  We are also looking for any pictures or documents you might have relating to the Lighthouse.  All pictures and documents would be copied and the originals returned to you. 


F.      Archives – Ann Swaney: Ann reports that she would like to have copies of all the OMPHS meeting minutes available in the archives.  She has purchased and set up a binder for this purpose.  She will meet with Anita Klein (Secretary) to make copies of all the months she doesn’t have. 



V.                New Business:

A.    Christmas Party – Donna Hornberger:  Donna reports that our Christmas

Party will be December 4th at the Legion.  We will have dinner, singing, and a Santa.  Volunteers will be needed to organize food and decorations.


B.     Upcoming programs –

September – George McManus, author of ‘A Boy from Archie’.

October – Civil war generals from Omena.

November - Marie Harper

December – Christmas Dinner at American Legion Hall.

May – Jenni Glysson speaks on family history on Old Mission Peninsula

           going back to the 1860’s.

                  Also the wonderful Tongue family who provided the musical entertainment at

                  Log Cabin Day has expressed interest in coming to play for us.  In addition

                  the Maritime Heritage Alliance which owns the Madeline and Welcom, would

                  like to present a program (date to be determined).


VI.             Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.







Anita & Marty Klein               Tom Maquire                           Lucile Bagley

Leo & Rebecca Nothstine       Amy & Brad Lyman               Bob Schermerhorn

Jerry Ostlund                          Frank Schaible                        Shirley Donovan

Hedy Quick                            Warren Berthelsen                  JoAnn & Bill Cole

Fred Stoye                              Bob & Arlene Dean                Dave Charlton

Donna Hornberger                  Jim Brammer                           Lee Hornberger

Cozette Varg                           Laura Johnson                         Nancy Hayward

Carol Lewis                             Mary Louise Johnson              Patti Rudolph

Jenni Glysson                          Verla & Cal Jamieson





Respectfully Submitted,

Anita Klein, Recording Secretary