AGENDA -- Thursday, September 36, 2009 – 7:00 p.m.

Peninsula Township Town Hall



I.              Social Time


II.            7:00 Program --  (Program Chair, Donna Hornberger)     The program will be a presentation by Historic Foodways Specialist Susan Odom on Nineteenth Century style food preservation.  Susan Odom is a specialist in Nineteenth Century American Foodways and farm life. http://www.allaboutfoodways.com


III.        Business Meeting:


A.   Meeting called to order

B.   Announcements


1.       New membership forms may be picked up from President, Treasurer, or Membership Chairman at meeting or by a written request to the following address.  (Please indicate “Old Mission Membership Form” and your return address).  



                                    P.O. Box 115

                                    Old Mission, Mi 49673


                                Have you paid your dues for the upcoming year (must be paid by October  or your membership will be dropped)?  [Student $5; Individual $10; Family $15; Business $25]


2.      Joys and concerns among members

3.      Community news

4.      Mail


IV.       Monthly Reports:


A.   Approval of August minutes

B.   Treasurer’s report

C.   Committee Reports as necessary


1.    Archives

2.    H. Log Cabin

3.    Historian

4.    Hospitality

5.    Membership

6.    Newsletter/Website

7.    Nominating

8.    Oral History

9.    Photography

10. Program

11. Publicity/Fund Raising.

12. Tree Committee


D.   Report from Peter Dougherty Society -

E.   Lighthouse report


V.           Old Business

VI.       New Business

VII.      Adjournment                                               


Old Mission Peninsula Historical Society

August 6, 2009 – 7:00 pm

American Legion Hall, Old Mission




I.                   Social Time:  Refreshments were provided by Nancy Warne.  Thanks Nancy!!

The cookies were great!


II.                Program:  Dorothy Wilhelm French gave us a wonderful program on the Bohemian influence in the Grand Traverse region.


III.             Business Meeting:

A.    Meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm. 

B.     Announcements-

1.      Dues are due!  Remember that your Historical Society dues are due in the month of June (Family $15, Individual $10, Student $5, Business $25).  You can mail them to;


P.O. Box 115

Old Mission, MI 49673


2.      Members in need of Get Well cards – Jackie Burns has fallen and broke both her arms but she is doing very well.  Also, Rebecca and Leo Nothstine are both in the hospital. 

3.      Nancy reports that a contribution to the OMPHS was received in honor of Lucile Bagley.  A Thank You card has been sent.

4.      Mail – We received the following publications in the mail which members might be interested in looking at.  “The Michigan Historical Review” which has a lot of book reviews in it and the  “Chronicle Magazine” which is from the Historical Society of Michigan.  A suggestion was made that the library might take them and have them available for member review.  We also received information on some historical events.  The Mackinaw Island State History Conference is in October and there is a four-day motor coach tour called “In The Land of Lincoln.   If this sounds interesting you can get the information from Nancy.  A suggestion was made to have this kind of information on a table in the back at each meeting.

5.      Patty Rudolph reminded everyone that the Port Oneida Fair is this weekend.  There will be food, crafters, and the barns (six of them) will be open for tours.  It’s always lots of fun!!




C.     June Minutes – Anita Klein

1.      Motion to approve – Ken Weaver

2.      Seconded – Cal Jamieson

D.    May Treasurer’s Report – Warren Berthelsen

1.      Motion to approve – Donna Hornberger

2.      Seconded – JoAnn Cole


IV.             Committee Reports:


A.    Archives – Nancy reports that Ann Swaney is looking for a cabinet to story all of our records in.  


B.     Hessler Log Cabin – Cal Jamieson reported for Paul Burns that the diamond dust has been put on the paths around the cabin.  We also have enough to redo it again in a couple of years.  Thank You cards should be sent to Arnold Ochs for the use of his trailer, Dan Ahrns for the use of his tractor, and to Traverse Bay Gravel for the use of their end loader.  Also, thanks to Cal, Marty Klein, Bill Cole, and Bob Dean for all the work in spreading the dust!


C.     Tree Committee – Cal wants to thank Jim Hall for all his help in planting, watering, weed killing and mulching of the trees.  An additional 35 trees will be planted in the fall and all the trees will be identified with GPS coordinates.


D.    Hospitality – Nancy passed around a sign up list for cookies.  Please pick a month when you can bring the cookies for our meeting.


E.     Log Cabin Day – Carol Lewis reports that is was a very busy day and everyone had a good time.  There was a long line at the Cabin for tours almost all day.  The proceeds were down from last year from $1,001 to $438. 


F.      Dougherty Home Site – Marty Klein reports that the open house for the Icehouse was a great success.  They had a steady flow of visitors all day.  The hiking trail is almost complete.  We have had a group of teens from Michigan Works who have really helped with this project.  Remember that our Dougherty House fundraiser is this Saturday and we have tickets available here for purchase.  The next project will be working on the outhouse. 


V.                New Business:

A.    Genealogy Request – Nancy reports that she has received a email request

      for information on a Frederick Allert (1825-1912) and his wife Louisa

      (1834-1910).  The 1900-1910 Federal Senses showed them living on

      Center Road and listed them as fruit farmers.  Both are buried in Oakwood

      Cemetery.  Any information would be gratefully appreciated.  Nancy

      asked if the name was familiar to anyone or if anyone was interested

      in responding to the request?  Donna Hornberger suggested that it

      should be sent on to the Genealogy Society in Traverse City.  They are

      part of the Pioneer Historical Society.  Someone at the Heritage Center

      may also be interested.



B.     Spending Money – Nancy reports that it was brought to her attention that we should spend some of our money on some kind of project.  The one thing she knows about is the storage cabinet for our archives.  One other project might be to help with the proposed restoration of the Township Hall.  According to Rob Manigold, it is still in the planning stage but he would welcome our involvement.  If anyone has any other ideas they should let Nancy know.


VI.             Adjournment 9:35






Anita & Marty Klein               Cal Jamieson                           Nancy Warne

Evelyn Johnson                       Jenni Glysson                          Kennard Weaver

Lee & Donna Hornberger       Amy & Brad Lyman               Carol & Steve Lewis

Patti Rudolph                          Bernie & Sue Moritz               JoAnn Cole